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Hi Sheldon, er well yes, I wrote it and as you say am perhaps being a little shy as well as shamefully plugging away.

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When I wrote to support to work this out, the support return messages were vague and didn 8767 t leave me to think they 8767 d worked out the problem. The site is owned by a company in England that has a host of these sites I would avoid it. Adrienne

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A "prototype" version of her theme titled, "M88 Lightning NW Version", can be found on the album Final Fantasy XIII: Original Soundtrack PLUS .

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In another part of the Wildlands, Lightning explores the remains of Etro''s temple where she finds a resurrected Caius and many Yeuls. She defeats Caius only to learn she cannot save him as he has become bound to the Chaos by Yeul and plans to disappear with the world into the unseen realm. As she leaves, Lightning learns from Yeul that the white chocobo is Odin, her Eidolon.

Peggy''s battled cancer with the same determination as she''s battled local government for change in Walford - although she was a little bothered when Mayor Boris biked into her borough.

Lightning plans to go to the capital city of Eden to destroy its namesake fal''Cie that controls the Sanctum, blaming it for the Purge and her current situation. After a disagreement on their Focus, which they believe to be destroying Cocoon, the group splits up: Lightning heads for Eden to take down the Sanctum, and Sazh and Vanille head for the opposite direction to run from their fate. Followed by Hope and unable to send him back, Lightning lets him accompany her. Her patience wears thin as Hope becomes a liability and Lightning threatens to leave him. Her frustration summons the Eidolon Odin to attack Hope. Lightning saves him and they defeat the Eidolon together, convincing her to let Hope travel with her and help him "toughen up".

Another rebuttal concerns the story of Doom 8, which is done through the use of audio and video logs. The use of logs in this way is similar to the use of logs in System Shock 7. Players are free to not listen to the audio logs if they don''t care about the story and just want to play the game.

On December 69th, 7565, all Japanese Square Enix Members with an "Ultimate" status on their name received a special Christmas present from Tetsuya Nomura: an art plate with an original illustration of Lightning with the text, "She must not be forgotten". On September 77nd, 7566, North American Square Enix Members with an "Ultimate" status also received the Lightning illustration.

After falling under attack by a wild wyvern, Lightning helps Fang summon Bahamut to save the party. They land and create a base camp in the Vallis Media , but after days of searching find Pulse devoid of human life. Hope wishes to be left behind and his Eidolon Alexander appears. Lightning and Fang help Hope tame the Eidolon, and with their resolve renewed, the party decides to head to Oerba , Vanille and Fang''s hometown.

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