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Not sure if my answer hasn 8767 t been posted yet, or got deleted, so Ill try again. It was neither his or my intent to break up his first marriage. He explained to me that he hadn 8767 t been happy in at least 65 years, but he never left because he wanted to raise his children. The two of them together admitted that neither of him had been happy, and she herself has someone new and is happy. I didn 8767 t set out to break up that marriage. It wasn 8767 t deliberate. In fact, I backed off when I first found out he was married. He tells me over and over that he does not love her, and does not want her back. I believe he loves me, I know he does. All I want is for them to stop communicating so much

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I wish that I just did not care at all to date but there is a part of me that is still getting out there. Hopefully I can keep hope alive:(

Dating single mothers? Just say NO! A note for all the

However, he is acting like a man who does not know what he wants and is treating you like an OPTION. I did this dance for over 7 years with a separated then newly divorced man who blew hot and cold and waffled about loving me or being 8766 so angry 8767 about his ex and he still broke up with me after all my caring and compassion.

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Frivorce (frivolous divorce) is indeed growing, because the worthless baby boomer generation created the institution of no-fault divorce. Marriage as it 8767 s often described. Making divorce easier increased its frequency? Who 8767 d have imagined that?

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You 8767 re lucky to have found out that your friend with the similar problem didn 8767 t meet your needs in other ways as well, before you went any further.

So you mad they choose Black 8775 criminal 8776 types over Metrosexual White men? Again the reason why there is 8775 friction 8776 is because middle class and lower middle class/working class White men now have to compete for the same women. This is why the MRM is a lost cause, it 8767 s mostly supported by White men and Black men simply don 8767 t care to support it.

I married a single father the second time around. Oh boy! That has been a toughie too. Because my hubby was more of a friend to his son than a parent. Overcompensating for an ex GF that was and still is a deadbeat drug addled wench.

I really enjoyed the video. This was my first time the gentleman in the video really made me see and understand wow! I have a very sexy man I think he 8767 s just the best bodies change and self esteem dnt have any..thanks! Look forward to seeing more videos your awesome.

He stayed at her house, rent free, ate her food and didn 8767 t help her with her eldest son who when I was interested her just started to have problems in school related to the lack of a strong male presence.