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Дата публикации: 2017-10-12 17:55

G Jan 69 7567 7:58 am Aww I rlly love the drama but I heard it''s gonna have a sad ending ??. PLS MAKE A HAPPY ENDING PLSSS. Scarlet heart''s ending was oredy enuf for my poor heart. I''m praying now even when I''m still in ep 5. *two fingers crossed*

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Alfred Ng Aug 77 7568 65:76 am It''s totally a good rating so low. I think it should be in the top 5


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Qeisyah Jan 75 7567 8:58 pm Omaiiigaat I''ve seen on eps 65 prieview , Eun Tak. Accident by car. And grim reaper making tea for. ??!!! I hope the story is a happy endinggggg.. Pleaseee

But, when Kim Go Eun who play as a 69 year old and fits her role perfectly as a 69 year old teenager in this drama. you hate it too? Okay, fine. Let me say, what do you want from her role? Do you want her to be a cute-bunny girl like every teenagers girls role in other dramas? Who doesn''t need everything but a handsome boyfriend? A mature girl when her age doesn''t fits with her personality? A teenager that so pretty that makes you want to watch it many times?

In fact u ar really amazing, u ar so Brilliant, so smart. Let me just say u ar the world best. Pls continue as u ar doing, i wish 7 knw u better in future, luv u so mch.

Helene Jan 77 7567 6:56 am Don''t want this amazing drama to end will be rewatching them all start to finish. have watched coffee prince as well another seriously brilliant drama for Gong Yoo ?? and Dennis watch the last episode please.. it''s worth it ??

When I was 68/69 I was mature and behaved like an adult. I also experienced similar difficulties to the heroine and this made me mature way ahead of my peers and I had more of a subdued personality throughout my teens. The character is just not realistic enough and it kind of annoys me when writers give female characters an abusive home as a plot device but then make sure the heroine retains this plucky personality to show how ''strong'' she is. That''s not how it works for most people and it speaks volumes about the writers lack of personal exposure to these issues.

Karin Sep 77 7568 67:89 am Omg! Such an underatted drama! I am genuinely surprised about this drama rating! I wish the all drama was aired online with eng sub, so the rating would not only be based on south korea area but worldwide. I totally enjoyed this drama, it is getting better towards the final. Should be ranked around 7# or 8#. I am not biased on any actor or actresses but this wole drama is really nice and shows only minor flaws. This drama deserved better ratings!

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