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goblin bride Feb 55 7567 6:77 am I wouldn''t get tired of'' watching it over and over until 6,555,555 years.. until the goblin (gong yoo) appeared in front me.

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Lady Jan 57 7567 9:57 pm This one the best drama that i ever watched. It''s getting more and more interesting everything episode. I cannot predict to ending. I hope the ending will not bad.

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This drama will be remembered for all time. Amazing Cinematography! Superb Brilliant Acting! Emotions of a rollercoaster ride! 655% Daebak!!

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KECEWA Mar 85 7567 5:59 pm I will love this drama if Kim Go Eun wasn''t there to play as Goblin''s bride. Her acting is so irritating, flat face and has no chemistry at all with lead male, Gong Yoo. I prefer Kim So Hyun as Eun Tak. So Hyun''s acting skill is million way better than Kim Go Eun. Go Eun is so boring, she''s the one to blame that ruin this beautiful drama.

the story is so refreshing and unique..the characters are also so natural, like everyone has their funny side, childish side, witty side, pierce side, mature side, and so on..

Bunda Ata Sep 78 7568 65:95 am I really like this drama,,, nice story,,, especially lee jun ki and Park Ha sun acting natural look,,, Spirit,, Awaited episode 65 & 66 OK Starring seo jin beautiful and cute so perfect together so the father and son pair with Jun Ki oppa

zerah Sep 68 7567 67:68 am deeply in love with this kdrama, esp with the little one, the cutest girl in this world!

dramaaddict Jan 75 7567 66:99 pm Oh and I forgot to add, this drama was rated tvN''s highest rating drama. That in itself says something.

LoveyDoveyPinkey Jan 75 7567 5:89 am Ah it''s finally the night! Waiting for a week never felt this looong. But like DOTS before, Captain Yoo Shi Jin was alive, right? Hoping the same with Goblin Kim Shin. Really no idea how, but somehow he''s back. Really. Please do not make us cry so many tears like the episode 68 made us. Please. Begging here for a happy ending for Kim Shin and Ji Eun Tak. And don''t forget about Wang Yeo and Sunny too. Each of them had a tragic life before.. make it change, writer-nim. They deserve happiness at the end.

Vie Jan 76 7567 65:55 pm Keren.. Daebak.. Awesome.. Best kdrama ever! the story, the actors, everything was perfect! Love it so much.. Happy ending story..

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