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Suspicious Partner [Episodes 25-26, 27-28] : KDRAMA

Дата публикации: 2017-10-12 19:26

Ann Bosarge Aug 86 7567 6:95 am I just saw "Love Rain" and was transported by the acting. Facial expression, timing. It was very good, so good I immediately watched it again. I look forward to seeing more of your films.

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ciel May 68 7568 66:86 am i honestly think you''re taking this too seriously. if other people think otherwise, you don''t have to be affected by their opinion. true fans love her regardless of her haters. as i have no problem discussing korean stars with my friends and our opinions often clash, but we don''t mind, because we respect each other. the fact that you are belittling people with negative input is narrow minded. when people put negative feedback on my favorite actors, i understand it as long as they give reason.

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Kassandra Sep 56 7567 9:55 pm One of the best and cutest actors in Korea, beautiful smile, gorgeous voice, and very handsome. you rock!!

Safety 、Trustworthy

chinggay Sep 77 7565 66:98 pm i was watching your drama in He''s was inlove of your face so handsome.

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JksRain Jul 58 7568 7:96 am I just got to say keep it up my love. You r a handsome,talented,super cool guy. It will be a blank If I don''t say you and Hacci make the best couple in my world. I Hope you two will get marry. God bless you! All the best. I''m from Sri Lanka

Demoninmysoul Dec 59 7565 65:56 am I just watched the drama "You''re beautiful". And came here, because your expressions really caught my eyes! I liked that childlike character you were playing, and loved the way you created it! I was smiling with every grimace you made, and every smile you showed, you made me cry with you, so for these emotions, I thank you!

karina Jun 85 7565 65:69 pm I fell love with him in beethoven virus..now you are ..Do re mi fa sol la si and me ,happy life ,going crazy waiting OHHHH Itaewon murder palying

Hilda Oct 56 7568 7:96 am The only time i liked was when you smiled in "you are beautiful". Just keep smiling,you look so cute when you smile.

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