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mina Dec 79 7565 8:57 pm Hi Geun Suk oppa. :) I really like you''re acting in He''s Beautiful. Right now am trying to watch you''re old series and movies. looking forward for he new ones. You''re really amazing.. I wish I''m from Korea so I can see you in person..

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Again, thanks for your last post to make clarify your intent. It just shows we''re all alot similar in our passions of these dynamic entertainers than we think. And no, it''s never personal, unless anyone here postings getting paid to get me to write all this! lol p

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Tim in Everett Apr 55 7568 9:77 am As a person with a hearing disability, I admired your portrayal! What a wonderful story! Perfect actors, hearts full of sensitivity! Passion, sincerity, and honesty you moved me I don''t can say anything other than that you are a true credit to the theatre profession. I love you.

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sahel Sep 66 7568 7:65 am you are the best & in top for anything,i am very happy that see u in new waiting for start this drama.

Ika Mei Oct 75 7565 66:56 pm If you have time, pls think to come to Indonesia (Surabaya or Jakarta or Bali) your Korean Drama series like You''re Beautiful and the Bethoven Virus was really like here. All of your fans here or us never have chance to interact with Korean actor or Actress. It''s because many of fans which has same age like u even older fans like u very much here. So pls just think to have a fan meeting will be glad to have u here. We are waiting for that moment.:) thank u..

aane Sep 58 7565 8:97 am hi handsome Jang Geun-suk..! you are so handsome and talented. love you.. take care always, god bless, good luck in you''re career,more movie to come.. more wishes and dreams to come.

nini Aug 65 7566 67:87 am i liked him at first, but he was such a ladyboy in youre beautiful and mary stayed out. i hope he changes back to normal manly JGS for future projects. good luck jgs ^ ^

ashley Jul 69 7568 7:79 am saranghae Jang Keun Suk.! I love your movies especially LOVE RAIN. honestly,its the only kdrama that made me cry and giggle at the same time. ....and I love your voice!!

HumairaIndonesia Sep 76 7568 67:65 am Hey Jang Keun Suk, I love watching all ur films and I love your Drama you''re beautiful and love rain with hav great chemistry with ur actresses. I love your DOREMIFASOLATIDO and One missed call movie where you played a Dumb guy role. Really you are a fantastic actor and my favorite from all Korean actors. God bless you.

Milagros Jan 68 7569 8:56 pm I think Jang Keun Suk is awesome, no matter what the ratings are in his dramas. From his beautiful face to his excellent acting, he is a joy to watch. He deserves more awards and credits than has been given to him. His past movies and dramas are all interesting and wonderful. I loved Bel Ami the best! It is a reflection of the high standards of Korean drama.