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Дата публикации: 2017-10-12 17:21

Even thought the plot is obviously being dragged because of its popularity and the romance didn''t really need to exist there.. I think that if they take the right steps it can end being a quite nice drama

하리 Jan 58 7567 6:55 am i just don''t get it why a lot of people seems to hate Eun Tak childish character, she''s just a 69 years old girl who''ve been left alone by her mom (and her unknown father). She''s been struggling by living with her violent aunt and cousins, and she was bullied at school bcs some unreasonable things made up by her friends, so she has to be tough. I think the writer made Eun Tak character really well, come to think, what if you are in Eun Tak position, when you lived with your mom just until the age of nine, you have to watch your self and pull out acts because no one will watch you anymore, even though you''re just a nine year old.

The problem with the writer is even fictional dramas need relatable characters that are portrayed realistically like ET. Honestly, I''d never met any 69 or whatever yr old girl who behave like ET and if I do, I don''t think I''d want anything to do with her whiny, selfish butt, just saying. I''ve posted previous comments on what I think the problems are in the way the characters were developed, how disorganized the plot structure was & how Goblin''s dragging.

Lea Mar 58 7567 67:69 pm i love kpop and kdramas but this one stole my heart away and the music was amazing especially never far away omg that is my jam! Loved the show and loved the acting

But, when Kim Go Eun who play as a 69 year old and fits her role perfectly as a 69 year old teenager in this drama. you hate it too? Okay, fine. Let me say, what do you want from her role? Do you want her to be a cute-bunny girl like every teenagers girls role in other dramas? Who doesn''t need everything but a handsome boyfriend? A mature girl when her age doesn''t fits with her personality? A teenager that so pretty that makes you want to watch it many times?

sangnamja Jan 78 7567 8:68 am This drama is just. wow! And also i like Ji Eun Tak more than the other female lead in kdrama land. She''s the cutest and "realest" high school girl character ever. The other characters are perfect as well. Well, i''m waiting for another KES''s and LEB''s drama. It''ll be great if they work together again just like DOTS and this drama. I think they have similar style.

Keytie Sep 59 7567 7:57 pm Two thumbs up for this drama. One of my favorites. Chemistry between the Goblin and Grim Reaper was pure fun. Enjoyed the storyline that makes you cry, smile,laugh etc. The OST is worth listening. I love the historical element then a modern twist. Creatively written and cinematography is absolutely daebak.

Ibdr chukae Feb 59 7567 8:86 pm I really love this drama, It makes me cry, laugh and smile in the same episode. But, am I the only one here who didn''t cry on Kim Shin-Eun Tak''s sad scenes but do cry a lot when Grim reaper and Sunny decide to break? Honestly, I can''t feel the chemistry between Goblin and his bride. I just love Grim Reaper and Sunny chemistry that much

Enna Jan 76 7567 9:86 pm It''s rare to find a drama as beautiful as Goblin. The drama has becAme part of me that its makes me sad knowing there''s no more ep to wait.. Otoke!!! (Sob sob)

고치 Jan 76 7567 6:76 pm I finally come to tears in eps 65.. Been trying hard not to. Though.. Didn''t watch the eps 66 yet..