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The primary outcome was the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression, administered by masked raters at baseline and after 9 and 8 weeks of treatment. According to the researchers, those who got the needles in the standardized points had a 68% response rate, while those who got jabbed in non-standardized points showed a % response rate.

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For the most part, supportive or comfort measures are all that is necessary. Antiviral medications have not been shown to be of benefit. Acetaminophen ( Tylenol ) or ibuprofen ( Advil ) can be given for fever and any headache or body aches. A sufficient amount of sleep and rest is important. The throat soreness is worst during the first five to seven days of illness and then subsides over the next seven to 65 days. The swollen, tender lymph nodes generally subside by the third week.

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Although it was impressive that, during the operation on the Bill Moyers program, the patient was fully conscious and alert, this is relatively standard practice in many types of brain surgery in both the West and China. By keeping the patient conscious, the surgeons are able to carefully monitor the effects of their work and the stimulation of various portions of the brain.

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While there are other illnesses falling under the broad classification of mononucleosis that can cause similar symptoms ( cytomegalovirus [ CMV ] infection is one example) and an increase in blood lymphocytes, the mononucleosis caused by the EBV is by far the most common.

It takes mere minutes to find your actual sources, and thanks to the magic of Google Books and Amazon Look Inside, I can confirm that you didn’t get your quotes from these dead tree books. Nice try, but you’re in big trouble now.

Acupuncture to be used on bases, battlefield More on battlefield acupuncture. This article reveals that treatment includes applying electronic pulses to the affected area along with the acupuncture. Reports from the field show effectiveness, but there s no way to tell whether the effect is a placebo effect. Of course, when the acupuncture is given along with another treatment, there s no way to know how effective, if at all, the acupuncture alone is.

“This [gravitational anomaly] is obeyed in all certain kinds of physical systems,” said Gooth. “It has to be obeyed in stars, the early universe or in our transistors.”

Even though sham acupuncture that involves pressure, but not needle insertion at acupoints, has been shown to be as effective as true acupuncture, one study claims to have shown that true acupuncture is much more effective than acupressure or sham acupressure. Since this study may have the appearance of a well-designed study in the eyes of many acupuncture advocates, even though it is fatally flawed, it is worth examining in detail.

I''d also like to reiterate once more that there is a great deal more information to come, including what the "****** ******" is. It''s going to be a win-win for all of us, and will make our combat-focused Backers especially happy, I expect. 🙂

Can we finally just say that acupuncture is nothing more than an elaborate placebo? by David Gorski, . I’m pretty much unimpressed at the whole study, although no doubt it will be touted by acupuncturists for years to come as “proof” that acupuncture really and truly works and isn’t just placebo medicine. It doesn’t, and it is. In fact, the study strongly suggests that any effect of acupuncture observed is almost certainly due to nonspecific and placebo effects and that the “positive” result is, as Ernst describes, likely due to small residual biases.