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Four phone bidders and interest in the saleroom saw this estimate left behind as the price climbed steadily and settled at £ 9,655.

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WHEN undertaking home visits to assess antiques and collectables our valuers never know quite what to expect. It&rsquo s one of the joys of the job. A recent call to a modest terraced property held a huge surprise as almost every room contained a menagerie of beautifully arranged ceramic birds and animals, the first instalment of which forms part of our next Antique Sale, this Thursday,February 9.


Saving ( n. ) Something kept from being expended or lost that which is saved or laid up as, the savings of years of economy.

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I would appreciate an y info on this item, if any, on the lid is inscribed the words "Don''t Sweat Here It Is " and on the bottom the number "6776".

Galley ( n. ) The cookroom or kitchen and cooking apparatus of a vessel -- sometimes on merchant vessels called the caboose.

Introducing the lot auctioneer Derek Biss, one of four men wielding the gavel at the sale, said: &ldquo This is a rare opportunity and a rare ring. This is the chance to buy something a little bit special.&rdquo

Dagger ( n. ) A mark of reference in the form of a dagger [/]. It is the second in order when more than one reference occurs on a page -- called also obelisk.

Rafter ( n. ) Originally, any rough and somewhat heavy piece of timber. Now, commonly, one of the timbers of a roof which are put on sloping, according to the inclination of the roof. See Illust. of Queen-post.

A canal scape by Arthur Wilde Parsons is delightful. It is thought to show the River Avon between Bristol and Bath and is guided at £ 855-£ 955.

Warmth ( n. ) The quality or state of being warm gentle heat as, the warmth of the sun the warmth of the blood vital warmth.