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It was SO special this year that your birthday month ended with EASTER!! What hope, what joy!! Sending much love and gratefulness for YOU!

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Hi Jessica, I 8767 m sorry I used my Silhouette Cameo to make it, so the file won 8767 t work without their software. But then beyond that, my computer automatically rebooted with the unsaved file still open and I lost it! (No Auto Recovery in their software.)

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Jeannie, I looked up Josiah on FB and although I don 8767 t recognize his picture, it turns out we share 5 mutual friends. Was he class of 7555? Is he your husband? Or bro? And Jessica Leggett isn 8767 t ringing a bell, but perhaps if I saw a picture. Wheaton really is such a small world, and I love connecting with other Wheaties! Also, thanks for the kind words I 8767 m delighted to know you found some creative inspiration here. Blessings on you!

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I love this idea. No wonder you are so special, you are the spawn of some amazing people! I 8767 d love to go on poetically about these more, but I don 8767 t have time to type. I just wanted to give you a quick comments to say, 8775 So WONDERFUL! 8776

I may send my mom a little gift for Mothers Day. But I don 8767 t celebrate it that much… and I 8767 m not going to buy something. (Yes, I 8767 m one of those saying that Mothers Day is only for commerce…)
And my mom 8767 s birthday is as well in May, so I don 8767 t think, there 8767 s a need to buy two bigger presents in only two weeks.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you about our meet up. My little guy is in school Tuesday and Thursday mornings which is usually my shopping time, but I 8767 ve been utilizing these hours to get comfortable in my new 8766 work from home 8767 position. Let 8767 s plan for a date the week after next? I should have my barrings by then. ps- If you tire of your Diana Krall CD by then I will be more than happy to take it off your hands Ha!

I got permission to share their card with you all.  In it, my Mom explains, 8775 There is a gift for each of the 85 days surrounding your birthday!    We suggest you open one a day starting March 6st and until March 85th.  85 days of gifts for 85 years of life. 8776

What will occur for you if you do not plan on doing anything but just let them flow naturally? You must be thinking that I have lost my mind, but it is totally not! No ways my idea is freaky. I just want you to try something new on your incoming birthday try planning nothing and just wait for what will occur naturally!

Does this apply to single women who are just dating site regulars, too? It seems like a good go-to solution when you run out of ideas.

Mark was really excited about that $7 bill. You don 8767 t see one of those everyday! And how neat that it 8767 s from Lake Placid. Also, just snacked on the shortbread cookies, today! Dad hit the nail on the head with his gift contributions, fo 8767 sho 8767 . And you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned him being a 8775 crazy awesome 8776 father Couldn 8767 t have said it better myself!

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