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Dating: 9 Reasons men lose interest & what women can do

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You've heard of a selfie booth, but what about a slow motion booth? At your next wedding or party, you can make it one to remember, with unique slo-mo video that just takes seconds to make. We meet the Valley couple making this cool concept a must-have, and we put the booth to the test for ourselves. For more info: /slow-

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What does it mean if a guy says he want 8767 s to be 8775 friends first? 8776 But at the same time, notes that he thinks you 8767 re awesome and does like talking to you. What does 8775 friends first 8776 even really mean?! Does he have somebody else he 8767 s more interested in? Is it just because he has a busy career?

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When 8 On Your Side started looking into a so-called handy man, it didn't take long to find out he has quite the past. In fact, it's landed him at the top of the contracting board's most wanted list.

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This week a small funnel cloud was spotted near Florence. Many times when a pic like this pops up, some are quick to shout Tornado! Not so fast! There is one simple difference between a funnel and tornado.

And I am convinced as long as you play your card right, you will probably be able to string along this guy for as long as you like.

This kind of thing is going to happen with some regularity. And when it does, instead of blaming yourself or getting angry, count your blessings. You just dodged a huge bullet! Better find out you’re incompatible now rather than 7 years from now, with a custody battle on the side.

using this post to inform people out there that there are still great men not like other scammers who defraud people of their money.

He's one of Phoenix's favorite sons. This week Alan Williams signed a multi year contract extension with his hometown team.

While the genre jump from John Ford to Eli Roth may be off-putting to some, it raises the stakes on a climax in a way that most Westerns fail to do.

A Norwalk mother of four children who has lived in the United States for more than two decades is supposed to be headed back to Guatemala on Thursday.