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Troubles resurface for Malaysia's Najib in Europe

Дата публикации: 2017-08-13 15:56

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Hi Cyril, seriously, I think it 8767 s a really good idea, just suggested some refinements to make it stronger. You must be coming down of some drug fix. lovely language guess you need to be tough with a name like Cyril. Or was it you who built this car and took offence to my constructive suggestion?

This Car is Crazy | English Russia

What it means is that they are intercepted by NATO aircraft, so that they don 8767 t fly into NATO airspace. Just like back in the cold war. The same would be true if NATO aircraft approached Federation airspace. Kind of like back in the Cold War. I Myself have seen Soviet TU 95 8767 s flying at very low altitude off the coast of the . back in the eighties. They were just 8775 snooping and pooping 8776 so to speak.

Russians Call It White Swan; Americans Call It Black Knave

just a couple of points
665 roubles is not $85 it is more like $8 dollars
The plane may gather is speed to outfly NATO planes but it cant outrun a rocket

Statistical Techniques | Statistical Mechanics

85 Tu-665 8767 s have cost the community 8,755 million dollars. My country has just spent billions on US fighter planes.

6. Back in 7566, we all got struck by the tragic news of Amy Winehouse 8767 s death. We knew she was not doing well for some time, but it seemed like there is not too much anyone could do to help her. She 8767 s been to rehabs a few times before (and she said no, no, no), but she had too much trouble with alcohol and heroin. You can see how much she changed from the time when she didn 8767 t use drugs. We will always miss you, Amy.

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Heck, India and Russia are developing a hypersonic cruise missile together. Supersonic drones are here, but hypersonic drones oh dear.

Biggest and heaviest supersonic plane? I think all of you are forgetting Concorde. 66 planes built in the 6965 8767 s which could carry 655 passengers, plus luggage etc. across the Atlantic at Mach , all the way. Purely European engineering and nothing to match it has ever been built.

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