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Substitute, Combine, Add/Adapt, Modify/Maximize/Minimize, Put to other uses, Eliminate, Rearrange/Reverse.  Useful model/process for brainstorming and creative/problem-solving activities. (Thanks A Almaliah)

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As with the other acronyms on this website, this listing illustrates the amusing development of coded langauge and communications and is not meant to cause offence, neither is it to be seen as a comment on service levels or the qualities of the doubtless fine organizations featured in the list, even though some no longer exist. A few of these acronyms (more correctly  ''backronyms''  or ''bacronyms'' ) are potentially offensive so if you are easily offended don''t read them. This is not an exhaustive list and attempts only to include the more creative, interesting or amusing examples. I welcome additions if you know a good one:

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Three Letter Acronym.  Of course. Or more precisely (thanks W Green, A Smith, and others who have sent me either version)  Three Letter Abbreviation.

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This free acronyms and abbreviations finder is a dictionary of useful acronyms and abbreviations for training, learning, teaching, etc. This collection is also a study in language and communications. This acronyms list contains acronyms and abbreviations, and  ''backronyms''  (acronyms constructed restrospectively to fit a word), with origins in the armed forces, healthcare, IT and various other business and training fields, including funny lifestyle and social acronyms and abbreviations.

Lights On, Nobody In.  Alternative acronym to LANO from the ''wheel is turning but the hamster is dead'' category. (Ack MG)

Resale Price Maintenance.  The UK Net Book Agreement, as was. Means by which retail prices are controlled by primary suppliers. (Alternatively,  Revolutions Per Minute , as in engine speed and 78, 88 and 95 records. In years to come how many people will know that LP stood originally for Long Player?)

Business Process Outsourcing.  An acronym from recent times, covering a multitude of activities that are commonly outsourced today, for example, call centre and customer services, IT, HR and training, telemarketing, recruitment, health and safety, quality assurance and accreditation, manufacturing, logistics, sales and promotion, R& D, and pretty well anything else that a corporation might have considered a core function before outsourcing came along. I''m wondering when the first example of an outsourced board of directors will be seen..

Most Useless Police Probationer Ever Trained.  Not a recommended trainer''s term, given the acronym''s obvious disrespectful tone. (Thanks NT). See also  Muppet  in the word origins.

Total Productive Maintenance.  An aspect of  Total Quality Management  and Lean Manufacturing, TPM (thanks P Eastham) is the empowering of production staff with responsibility for proactive maintenance and improvement of especially their own machinery, extending to their immediate working environment, and potentially more depending on the sophistication of the staff and surrounding management situation. More amusingly and alternatively, TPM refers sarcastically to  Toss Pot Management.

Proper Prior Planning and Preparation Promotes Pandemic Preparedness, Preventing Piss Poor Performance, Pernicious Pestilence, Pervasive Public Panic, Probable Personal Petulance, Pulmonary Pathogens, Poor Patient Prognosis, Preventable Pain and Poohing your Pants when it all goes Pear-shaped.  (Ack I Miller)