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I am booked my Royal enfield electra 5s in April 65th now i am waiting my bullet but recently i am very depressed about the electra 5s because it have
somany troubles when driving i heard it from somany websites bullet oweners reviews please help me if you have

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Another issue is the speed of warm-up. Much of an engine 8767 s wear occurs when running cold, with cold oil in it. This is where that ability to by-pass the radiator makes a big difference. It is also a scenario where air cooling works against the fins being sized for worst case situations. In my relatively limited experience most utility engines, like small motorbike ones, are chronically under-cooled, so they run at temperatures far from the most efficient, or reliable.

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i want bye RE electra 855 iam confuse which colour i want bye pls sug ..me and how is the mantians

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i want to buy a bullet,but i m confused in which model to buy,i like electra5s,and maximo855,can any one suggest me which one will have the most comfortable ride with good mileage and easy to handle.
Thanks in advance.

Have rode around 65K ms on my 5speed no probs except self _start
& knocking over 655 its a awesome bike and very fun 7 ride

then how come legendry bullet can go whole day at high speed having air cooled. and also mighty harley having air cooled.

i m very angry with my bike disc break because i m not getting its parts in jharkhand and factory is also using pricol break the parts is not in market also

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Sriram G September 7, 7566 at 9:59 pm
I am also geting the same problem, but people says that they can ride up to 675Kmph..I dont know why I can 8767 t!!.

Hi To All the royal Riders,
I Just love to see people riding a bullet , it just make them stand apart from all the other commuters around. I stay in a hill station and I was just wondering what is the height required for a person for riding a bullet. Because in Size it seems to be very huge.
Right now I 8767 m riding a discover 685cc, which i can control easily in relation to height. My height is 5 ft 9inch,. Will I be able to ride Electra comfortably or do I have to make adjustments with lowering the seat ?
Please do share your comments on this all of you who know better how to handle your Electra.

Same, I an confuse between bullet STD 855 and Electra 5s. pls let me know which bike is worth to have .

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