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AHacker''s Guide to Protecting Your Privacy While Dating

Дата публикации: 2017-10-12 21:04

The burden that’s currently stretching the Pentagon to the breaking point is that of a cowardly commander in chief who chooses to unleash cruel discriminatory policies via tweet, all while making those under him worry that we could be on the brink of thermonuclear war. And it’s no joke.

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We’ve all heard stories of bitter exes leaking nude photos to get revenge on a partner. But that won’t necessarily discourage people from taking nudes. Still, couples can make decisions that will help them preserve their privacy rights down the road, Rucker explained.

The Pentagon Worried Trump Was About to Start a Nuclear

She was pressed yet again on the question of whether trans members of the military would be brought back from places like Afghanistan to fulfill an absurd and unjust new policy.

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People started to make jokes on Twitter, guessing what Trump would no longer be allowing. But there was real concern in the US military that Trump was about to start a war with a country like North Korea—an action that would have serious consequences for the safety of millions of people around the world. Any military action on the Korean peninsula runs the risk of kicking off a nuclear engagement between the US and North Korea.

“That’s something that the Department of Defense and the White House will have to work together as implementation takes place as it is done so lawfully,” Sanders said without really answering the question.

Sharing devices can also weaken your privacy rights if you end up in court. “You don’t necessarily know how things will end and how they might go bad,” Rucker said. Password-protect your laptop and encrypt your hard drive to make sure your data is safe. If you want to allow your partner to use your laptop, set up a separate account for them rather than letting them log into yours.

“The answer would be yes,” Swift said. “Every member of the US military has sworn an oath to defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, and to obey the officers and the president of the United States as the commander in chief appointed over us.”

At the Pentagon, the first of the three tweets raised fears that the president was getting ready to announce strikes on North Korea or some other military action. Many said they were left in suspense for nine minutes, the time between the first and second tweet. Only after the second tweet did military officials receive the news the president was announcing a personnel change on Twitter.

Some people say that you shouldn’t pay attention to Trump’s tweets because they’re a “distraction.” But the Pentagon is paying close attention. Because they know that any day now President Trump could wake up on the wrong side of the bed and announce World War III in 695 characters. Trump’s tweets have always been a late night punchline, but yesterday was a great reminder that they have real world consequences, whether it’s implementing shitty policies or nearly starting a war.

Update, 65:55am: And to make matters even stranger, Trump still haven’t communicated the change in policy to his Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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