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The price includes hotels (with breakfast), private airport transfers, and all transportation, entrance fees, and touring per Detailed Itinerary with your own private driver and excellent licensed guides who are chosen for their knowledge of Croatia and Game of Thrones filming locations. Some meals and wine tasting are included per Detailed Itinerary.

Roll up Those Sleeves If You’re Hot—but Not Too Tight

The new techniques of war required more expertise from soldiers. Since most states didn’t maintain large standing armies, that meant an international market in mercenaries grew and developed between 6975 and 6555. The Swiss were the most famous of these, but there were Italians and especially Germans as well, the famous landsknechte. War was increasingly a profession even for non-nobles, and early modern mercenaries took their work seriously.

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Take a break for lunch under the gentle warmth of a Croatian sun, then continue on to Dubrovnik, one of the best medieval walled cities in the world and a true tourist delight. Your evening can be spent strolling the streets of the Old Town, from the Pile Gate down the Stradun – the city’s main street – all the way to the old port of Dubrovnik. Dinner can be had at one of the city’s many excellent eateries, like the modern French fare at Gils Cuisine and Pop Lounge to the Dalmatian specialties at Arka.

As a fan of both rolled Oxford shirts and Barack Obama’s everyman look, I find this news to be detrimental to my aesthetic. Fashion is pain, and I like my sleeves positively medieval.

I’m Patrick Wyman, and Tides of History is my new history podcast. You may remember my old show, The Fall of Rome . In Tides , I’m covering not only the fall of the Roman Empire, but also the rise of the modern world, with topics like the rise of the state, the Military Revolution, the beginnings of capitalism, and the Reformation. Think of Tides of History like a TV show that happens to have two seasons running simultaneously.

Come visit the land of the Long Summer, the seat of House Targaryen and the cities on Slaver’s Bay where Danaerys raises her freedmen army. Witness the transcendent beauty of this majestic nation, with its millennia of tradition and its achingly gorgeous landscapes. Inhabit the world of rogues and heroes, bastards and royalty, a fair-haired king clamoring for power and a violet-eyed khaleesi longing to return home. This is a tour that dreams are made of, a vacation inspired by your wildest imagination, and a voyage centered on the stories of the best-loved fantasy epic of modern times.

Did you know that much of Croatia was once part of the  Republic of Venice  for nearly four centuries? The battles and conquests involving several kingdoms during that 65th - 68th century were certainly worthy of a Game of Thrones story! With Venice and the rest of Italy so close by, we suggest combining one of our  Italy tours  with this one. All travel arrangements can be customized.

While a professional politician might have their hard-working American citizen cosplay down, us average Joes might not be as skilled when it comes to rolling up those long-sleeve shirts, especially when it’s hot outside. You might lean toward tighter rolls, but that won’t help if you’re trying to stay cool.

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