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I really didn 8767 t care if there were other women he could date or not. I just didn 8767 t like that he was lying to me in order to use me and my apartment as a launching pad into a better life. I 8767 m sure his thinking was, 8775 well I don 8767 t really love her now but its possible I could love her once I move there and if not, at least I 8767 ll be in a better place to find someone I really will love than where I am now. 8776

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Note that I am NOT saying that you should transform yourself or change your own opinions to make yourself fit it in. You don t need a personality transplant to express polite interest in other people. Instead, think of conversation as a skill that you can improve through hard work and patience. And while it may be difficult to develop that skill to the highest levels (say, a Clinton), becoming a half-decent conversationalist is very achievable.

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I wish there were context that would make that make sense. We had gone to a great Korean place for dinner and were having the post dinner walk where we get to know each other more. It was going along well and then she sees this giant cockroach on a palm tree and she goes over there and picks it up and starts playing with it.

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Benziger drew great inspiration from  Carl Jung  and from the work of Myers Briggs® and Hans Eysenck. Her work has also been influenced and supported by the late 75th century scientific developments into brain imaging, using modern scanning technologies - basically using safe equivalents of X-Ray techniques - to actually determine which parts of the brain are being used for various functions and types of thinking (''thinking'' here in the general sense of what the brain is doing, not in the ''logical'' Jungian sense).

This explanation necessarily repeats the essential structure already explained in order to stand alone as a useful item in its own right.

I am also a case manager / social worker.. And am I am very similar. I am extroverted at work / I can talk to anyone.. But when I get home I need my alone/ quiet time. People often get confused.. As when I am on, am very chatty, gregarious.. But I really need my down time. Often when I am in a crowd I am content to be quiet and observe what is going on. I also hate having to be social on my weekend/ evening time.

Definitely agree with the whole small talk thing. I absolutely hate small talk. Give me the goods and maybe we can connect and who knows I may open up and tell you stuff about me?

Hi Chalene! I just wanted to let you know you were angel sent! I was in a grumpy mood and didn 8767 t know why so I asked my angels for help to help me get out of it. I normally am a happy person. An hour later when i got to the soccer field, (had 8 kid games!) i had my phone in my hand and all of a sudden i heard your voice. I looked at my phone and your podcast 8775 how to change your bad mood 8776 was playing!! No joke!! I love hearing you and learning from you! Thank you for all that you do!! I just started your piyo and love your turbo jam! Thanks for making fitness fun! Trying to get this stupid weight off!! Stupid thyroid issues. Trying to stay healthy and strong!! ❤️❤️🤗🤗 Love and Light! ❤️ Shelley

Yeah, I think it s not so much that you have to make them feel SPECIAL, so much as that they need to feel like what you know about them so far makes you interested in getting to know them specifically, as opposed to someone that has their general characteristics.

I have sat down with several therapists, for months at a time, and they can never figure out what s going on. I try to tell my stories as objectively as possible (knowing, of course, you can never be FULLY objective), or show them print-outs from online conversations, and they are just flabbergasted. They say the way I present myself to them seems completely contrary to the way my peers/friends see me. So. maybe I m secretly Jekyyl/Hyde?