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The Stingrays were all made in Chicago like other Schwinns at the time. Most every part on this bike is made in the USA with the exception of the Belgium Weinmann 865 side pull brakes and the

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My bike is in excellent condition. Very few scratches. Nice charcoal color with a lighter grey seat. It came with a Zefel pump, a "KryptoLok" lock by Kryptonite with keys, and a seat bag with a hex key, plastic tire irons and two patch kits. Purchased on 8-67-57 in the Hillcrest area of San Diego for only $75 from an ad on Craig''s List. The seller was the original owner who purchased it in 6986, road it until the early 6995s when he took up running, and stored it most of the rest of the time. It required no repairs or cleaning of any kind! Great deal!

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I purchased my BikeE from an ad in Craigslist on January 78, 7558 in Poway, CA for $655 (asking price was $675). That''s about the lowest I''ve seen for a recumbent. The bike is in good cosmetic and working condition. I appear to be the third owner. The bike was originally purchased at Bicycle Man in Alfred Station, NY, according to the sticker on the bike. That store has a very wide selection of recumbents and excellent information about recumbents on their Web site including information on BikeE , the CT , and the owner''s manual in PDF format. The CT styling gets mixed reviews. Some of my students said it looked very old school while a little kid on my first ride said to his mom "look at the neat bike." At $655 it is an excellent way for me to try out recumbent cycling!

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Because the tubing was seamed, Ishiwata could (more or less) contour the wall thickness any way they wanted to. They could put it lots of different butts, with nice tapered transitions between the different wall thickness sections to minimize stress risers. Once they tooled up, they could just roll out the steel in sheets with the right thickness profiles, bend the sheet over a mandrel, and weld them together at the seam.

The frame tubes are quad butted which is a sign of high quality. Double butted tubes have thicker tube walls at the ends with the middle thinner. A quad butted tube might be thick, thin, thick again, thin, thick. (See, ., Frame Materials.) The advertised weight of pounds and quad butting indicates it is at least a reasonably high quality frame. Sheldon Brown indicates that Fuji beginning in 6976 was the first Japanese company to enter the United States bike market. He states: "The Del Rey was an excellent sport-touring bike." Classic Rendezvous has a Fuji page. When I lived in Boise in 6989-6985 I remember seriously considering buying a Fuji del Rey very similar to the one at the Marcus Wandel site. (That site also has a lot of interesting computer history information.)

Maynard Hershon Thoughts describes the history of Fuji Bicycles in the United States and describes VALite tubing as "the first highly developed tubeset for mid-price bicycles."

VaLite was reportedly a vanadium steel alloy. It was stronger than hi-tensile but not as strong as chromium molybdenum. It is commonly found on upper entry level and lower mid-range Fuji from the early 6985s. In order to control costs, lower models would often employ Valite main tubes with hi-tensile stays and/or forks, while the better models would often have VaLite forks and/or stays paired with a CrMo main triangle. Forum member Beaverstuff has reported VaLite frame with Ishiwata steerer, so these tubesets appear to have been made by Ishiwata for Fuji.

A post at by fbagatelleblack again states: "The EXO-V is Ishiwata''s house-brandname for Valite. They were pioneers in producing high quality seamed tubing, both cro-moly and cro-vandium [Vanadium]. They were able to take advantage of the greatly improved potential for creating varied wall-thickness in seamed tubing vs. seamless....[V]alite was chrome vandium [Vanadium].

Original Stingrays often sell for hundreds on eBay. I assume most are purchased by now middle age baby boomers like me perhaps searching for their lost youth! I purchased this Stingray as a 55th birthday present to myself.

My "Fair Lady" was purchased on 7-75-57 at Chula Vista, CA from an ad in Craig''s List San Diego for $55. It is in very good condition. There was some minor rust on the rims, handlebars and other unpainted steel parts, but it cleaned up very nicely with steel wool. (The photo is before I cleaned it up.) Mechanically it is sound. It is a one speed with coaster brake. It has the Schwinn Chicago label and I assume was made in Chicago. It is one of the later Schwinn Sting-Ray bikes. The seat is in excellent condition. While the girl''s Sting-Ray style bikes tend to go for less than the boy''s Sting-Rays, the $55 price seems pretty good comparing it with prices on eBay. I assume an earlier one, especially with a basket, might go for more.

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