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Laying Down the Law is an activity which lets your class practice modal verbs used for permission. Running the Activity Firstly break your class into small groups of 8 or so. Then have each group brainstorm everything that is wrong with their town. Make them write down all the niggles and problems they can find, . There aren 8767 t enough buses at night. People smoke too much. It 8767 s very noisy in

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Good News, Bad News is a simple game you can play with almost any level of class. It 8767 s useful to practice both listening and speaking. Students need to listen carefully to what was said before and prepare their own ideas as well. With your class, go through the concept of 8775 good news, bad news 8776 with an example: The good news is that I won a million bad news is

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Note that in general this works better with concrete nouns‏‎.
First off, collect together a group of items in the same semantic field, for example kitchen utensils, office

Then there is the word shamayim, a plural noun, sometimes translated &lsquo heaven&rsquo and sometimes &lsquo heavens&rsquo . Recently it has been rendered &lsquo sky&rsquo . The word mayim, a Hebrew plural form, is not found in the singular anyway. Because of its plural form translators have tended to translate it as &lsquo waters&rsquo , though in reality it is equivalent to English &lsquo water&rsquo . What, indeed, is the difference in English between &lsquo water&rsquo and &lsquo waters&rsquo ? Mainly that the plural form is used more in poetic text. Thus in Genesis 6 , which is not poetic in Hebrew, I prefer to translate it as &lsquo water&rsquo .

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If you 8767 ve followed me on Facebook of late, you must be wondering what 8767 s all the sudden flurry of fiftyness all about. So here 8767 s the mystery:

This is an interesting idea for a lesson which helps with checking reading comprehension. It also introduces some good listening practice.

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Silly Sentences is an easy game which is ideal as a 5 minute filler activity at the end of the lesson. It practices sentence structure and vocabulary. Method of Play As the teacher, you write on the board a few random letters (or draw them from a bag of Scrabble letters), . b a d w The students then have 8 minutes to write down as many sentences as they