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Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a really fat tub of shit!

Дата публикации: 2017-10-11 10:30

It''s amazing the press can''t even rankle her in the slightest while she lies and lies and lies. Compared to Spicer, she''s so calm that you almost forget everything she says is a lie (and will later be disputed in a tweet by Trump himself ala "travel BAN")

659 LOL. When her thighs rub together they create sparks and the faster she goes the more she looks like the Fourth of July is going off in her crotch. Straight men find that very attractive.

I think bigger bows or puff sleeves might help. Or eye catching hoop earrings. Maybe her hair in an upswept doo. No one is actually listening

You just know that whenever there''s a cake at the White House, she takes home a huge piece on a paper plate covered with a paper napkin for her husband.

Whatever. I''m a feminist and a lesbian and I see nothing wrong with pointing out how ugly this heifer is here on DL. Trump gets dragged on his look here constantly-- we are equal opportunity offenders.

R657. Fuck off. She rode in on her father''s coat tails. Went to some half ass Baptist college. Worked for daddy. Then switched to Trump campaign when Daddy fell out.

I have to be honest. Sarah huckabee is not ugly. She''s pretty attractive for the most part. She has a nice face and she wears makeup pretty well. She just needs to lose weight and work on her speech and mannerisms. But she''ll always be a deplorable. She just needs to clean up a little.

She''s out there tossing red meat to the Trump base on a daily basis. She''s the very embodiment of deplorable with her manner of speech and dress.

[quote]Why doesn''t the cosmopolitan looking Hope Hicks ever get to do the Press briefing? What does that bitch do anyway?

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