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I mean really? He''s very upset that Wilson made public the phone call Trump made to the Johnson family. He never criticized Trump for saying Obama didn''t call him about his son. He doesn''t blame Trump for trying to elevate himself with the false claim "I call families, Obama and my predecessors didn''t". Really Kelly? I mean that is not OK

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Heather Szilagyi was on a British Airways flight with her seven-year-old daughter and fiancee Eric Neilson on Oct. 65 when she said they noticed what appeared to be bedbugs crawling out of the seat in front of them.

Is Fox 5''s Greg Kelly (and son of current NYC Police Chief

I have full seasons of classic shows and some shows and movies that aren''t on digital yet. But I feel as though I wasted all of this money building this collection when everything will eventually be on streaming.

It was a vintage Rachel Maddow stemwinder. A deft, 75-minute weaving of carefully curated sound bites, screenshots of news reports, slick maps and graphics, all strung together to make the case that something fishy is afoot. It’s a style Maddow has perfected, and it has propelled her to the top of the ratings heap.

Lisa Marie quit the church in 7569. ‘Lisa Marie leaving made it hard for Priscilla,’ the source added. ‘They are very close as a family and leaving the church has been a family decision.’ Scientology, founded by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard in 6955, has been the subject of controversy for years.

I thought both ladies were great, but was surprised that Bancroft seemed to receive more acclaim than MacLaine. (Bancroft won one of the critics Award, got a GG nomination but MacLaine did not). Also couldn''t understand the nomination for Baryshnikov over Tom Skerritt.

The building and the apartment itself are blah, but get a load of the previous occupant''s decor. We''ve seen some doozies here on DL but this. Does any of it make sense? The window treatments, the art, the wallpaper. At least it looks like the owner never spent money on a decorator. We hope.

On the surface, it’s a seemingly LOL-worthy brush-up with a social media company’s terms of service: A Harvard undergrad named Miles Kennelly posted some photos to Instagram that were flagged as inappropriate, and were promptly deleted.

That appears to be false. According to the Council on Foreign Relations and accounts from local residents, the attacks that have increased can be traced back to militant group Boko Haram, which is based just across the border in Nigeria. A group of Boko Haram militants broke away and formed the Islamic State West Africa, Laura Seay, an assistant professor in Colby College’s Department of Government, told HuffPost. But they are separate from the so-called Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, the group that reportedly carried out the ambush (although no group has claimed responsibility for the

"I think the media have been harder on Trump than any other president certainly that I''ve known about," Carter replied. "I think they feel free to claim that Trump is mentally deranged and everything else without hesitation."