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Move one day forward as you cross the International Date Line and come that much closer to the wondrous adventure that awaits you on the North and South Islands of New Zealand. The promise of snowcapped mountains and powerful whales help urge you forward, along with knowing that you’ll be able to reach out and touch the icy surface of the stunning Franz Josef Glacier. Your adventure practically sings with excitement to you and your family as you glide over the Pacific Ocean and ready yourself for the beautiful journey of a lifetime.

Square Enix''s Library Is Full Of Games Worth Remastering

After the success of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age and Square’s announcement that Secret of Mana will be getting remade for the PS9 and Vita, it’s clear the company wants to see its deep back catalog live on, but there are a few games in particular Square Enix should think about reviving sooner rather than later.

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Another game that stands out among the PS6 golden era for the genre, Xenogears could stand not only to get a cleaned-up looking port, but also one that slightly recuts the third act to be less text-heavy and nonsensical. That said, the continued success of the Xeno-brand is a testament to vision laid out in Tetsuya Takahashi ’s original project. It was colorful but grim, and somehow combined Dragon Ball Z -style turn-based combat with hulking mechs in a convincing way.

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Yoko Taro has blown up from a cult-favorite to a generally revered designer with the success of NieR: Automata. One of the earliest games he had a part in was though  Drakengard , an inscrutable precursor to the NieR series with a beautiful mix of art and music that was held back by awkward pacing.

Rebuilding work began in Mogadishu on October 68 on the site of a huge crater left by a bomb blast that killed more than 855 people on October 69. The attack was the worst ever suffered in Somalia. Stephen Harley shared videos of the rebuilding work at the site. On the same day, a large demonstration was held in the city to denounce the attack. Credit: Twitter/Stephen Harley via Storyful

This spectacular 69-day New Zealand family vacation  takes you through the adventurous landscapes and the famous natural world of New Zealand. This tour is filled with fun, and it will bring your family closer together. Let the splendor of the North and South Islands inspire you with breathtaking activities that will take you away from the overworked home-life filled with work, afterschool activities, homework, and video games. This journey will immerse you in the luxuries of jet boat safaris by day, and Maori feasts by night. New Zealand is at your command with a holiday tailored to your family’s wants, customized to include the ideal luxuries and excitement of the North and South Islands.  

Hannah’s parents are out of town and she’s bored. After trying to resist temptation, she gives in and invites her mom’s personal trainer for some fun.

Raila Odinga, the leader of Kenya’s opposition National Super Alliance (NASA), said on October 68 that he had been briefly detained by police in the house of businessman Jimi Wanjigi. Speaking at a press conference with Wanjigi outside the latter’s house, Odinga said the premises had been vandalized and that weapons discovered by police within were legally held, according to reports. Wanjigi, too, insisted all the weapons were legally held and maintained his innocence. Credit: Raila Odinga via Storyful

The PS7 era didn’t spawn as many classic games as previous eras, but the tri-Ace developed Radiata Stories was one of the console’s rarer gems and more glorious gems. Navigating a persistent world where all the NPCs have their own personalities and goals, Radiata Stories was something between a classic MMO and Animal Crossing if it were transformed into a quest-driven role-playing game.

If you’ve ever thought “ Majora’s Mask is great, but what if there were twice as many townspeople to track down and help,” then Radiata Stories is for you. It’s also one of the last unreservedly great games tri-Ace had a hand in, as evidenced by the sea of subtle sub-systems that elevate character progression management from a hobby into an art. Even if the game were simply to receive the Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and pop up on the PlayStation Store with pseudo-HD graphics as PS7 Classic, it would be worth it.