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Singer and actress Toni Braxton grew up in Severn, Maryland in a two-bedroom trailer. Her family had very little money and eventually Braxton’s mother led the family out of the Baptist faith and into an Apostolic Pentecostal congregation known as Pillar of Truth.

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While a box office success, critics were very hard on the Robin Williams comedy  Patch Adams , which told the story of a real-life doctor who uses humor and clown costumes to help ease the suffering of his patients. Reviews used words like 8775 dopey, 8776 8775 shameless, 8776 and 8775 obnoxious 8776 to describe not only the movie itself, but Williams 8767 performance as the titular physician.

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The group taught its members to be prepared for the rapture to come at any moment, so the aim was to be saved by being obedient, being baptized, and speaking in tongues.

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Schromm grew up in a fundamentalist Christian group in Columbia, MO. She describes the group as an oppressive cult that didn’t allow members to have their own identity. They even forbade children from playing sports, such as football and rock climbing.

Her only salvation came in the form of the children’s church choir. She eventually worked with a producer at night who made her a demo and started her career. Braxton’s voice literally saved her from the cult.

Thompson said that he had helped to write several scenes, some that were even actually shot, and that those scenes would 8767 ve been great but they were ultimately cut for reasons unknown to him.

Oher wants his NFL accomplishments to stand on their own merits, and not be judged by people based on what they think they know about him and his life as depicted in a movie.

Early in her life, Rogers married another Scientologist by the name of Jim Rogers and opened up a field auditing office in Shermon Oaks called the Scientology Enhancement Centre. The romance doesn’t have a happy ending, though, as she divorced Rogers in 6985 and sold the center.

Apparently, Palin is much more critical of serious portrayals of her, as she was not having any of it when the HBO movie  Game Change.  The TV movie told the story of the 7558 presidential campaign involving her and John McCain.

Mandela called it 8775 disrespectful 8776 to make a movie about her and not consult her about it in any way especially because they filmed the movie in South Africa, where she resides. Mandela also took issue with what she felt was the romanticizing of a very tough, very bitter struggle.

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