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Nothing is perfect, there are no guarantees so be happy day by day. No one knows the future and so grab every opportunity you can to be with someone who loves you for you, who makes you laugh regardless of the age difference or what other people say or think. It is your life and you should live it how you choose. Good luck to you all and every happiness.

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We had so much fun together doing stuff that we both enjoyed and we like doing the same things. Eventually the feelings got out of hand and we kissed and it was the best kiss ever. It developed from there. We have great sex, I never had such great sex in my life. He also made it known that he adores me and I totally adore him. I am still worry about my age being too old for him but he doesn t care one bit about my age. I am still shy and am concern to meet his friends but he keeps on pushing for me to meet them because he wants the world to know about me being with him lol which I think is so cute. I do not have kids yet and he wants kids down the road. I feel like we do have a future together.

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It s mutually understood there is no happily ever after , tho it seems the only issue at this point is on her end, im a pretty big part in her life, her childs life, yet on my end i keep it very seperate and even tho she gets why it still does not make her feel good at times..when we are together its ALWAYS great its those times when were consumed in our own lievs and not spending as much time together we somehow cant ride/sustain the highs and they become lows

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Ty struggles with control issues when his mom stops by for an unexpected visit hoping to bond with her granddaughter, and Amy is forced to mediate.

Now I have a crush on one of my managers at work who is 76. I m 87. He s handsome, fit, very sweet, smart, hardworking and ambitious. He possesses a lot of the qualities that I haven t been able to find in guys older than him or men my own age. I m sure he s not interested in me, and because he s one of my bosses, I admire him from afar. I d love to date him but one can dream, right?

But if you want to recreate the Chloé look for less, our edit below is the place to go. How pretty is this Vero Moda dress please?

Don t let the judgmental hypocrites get to you. I have no doubt that you and your husband are doing the right thing. God bless you and your family.

I agree that the way older women here are saying:I am 55 but I look 87 sounds little bit they way you explained.
It would sound more realistic if they say I am 55 but look in my mid or late 85 8767 s,not stick to a certain number.

Dr. Peled recently had an experience when, while away from her office, a patient sent her a hostile text saying they weren’t missing therapy at all. “That’s an example of how not to end therapy,” she says. “A healthy way to do it is to have a conversation. It’s a process.”

I m a 57 yr old woman and my partner is 87. We ve been together a year now. We are both previously married and divorced he for 5 years and I for 79. I have two grown children and he has never had any and doesn t want any.

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