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The time has come to fix the heating system in ALX, City campus. To do this we will shut down the system this weekend. This means that here will be no heat available to ALX Block from around noon on Friday, Saturday and maybe Sunday morning whilst the system is replaced. The heating will be back before Monday morning. Portable heaters will be provided where required in the meantime.

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Potentially disruptive work has been scheduled for low activity times where possible, however the dismantling of current hard landscaping and street furniture begins in December and this may be noisy at times.

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The library has put together a new resource to help you understand the research process, and how to find and evaluate information resources for your assignments. The Information skills subject guide will help you set up a search strategy, gather information, evaluate it, and acknowledge where it came from.

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Take your time travelling through mountains and past the southern lakes on State Highways 99 and 6. You should aim to arrive in Queenstown late-morning so you can enjoy all the activities and attractions which you didn't experience last time. For more information visit

The Student Portal is now available for access by students both on and off campus. Thank you for your patience during this outage.

Christchurch City Council are proposing to make changes to improve safety at the intersection of Gasson Street, Madras Street and Moorhouse Avenue. They propose to install a number of measures to improve visibility and make the intersection safe for all users.

She works for Canterbury Development Corporation (CDC), which is Christchurch&rsquo s economic development agency. She knows that sounds very boring, but thinks she has one of the best jobs in the city. Her mission is to support the growth of the Christchurch tech community because a successful tech sector in Christchurch should also bring wealth (financial and other) to everyone who lives here.

Come on over to U Block and check out our newly renovated Pantry on Campus! Open 8 am-9 pm Monday- food on sale.


Barbadoes St and Rakaia Centre car parking will be limited on Thurs 66 June due to the Open Day. Alternative parking will be available on corner of Ferry road

Due to a record number of people graduating this year, the maximum number of tickets anyone will receive is 5. There will be no extra tickets.