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The 1970s Ice Age Myth and Time Magazine Covers ? by David

Дата публикации: 2017-08-13 13:25

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So as I have said several times before, it makes no difference whether we confess our sins of emission and recite the credo if we all go on our merry way sinning as before. Expenditure translates roughly into energy consumption. The wealthy cannot spend their money except on energy consumption. Hansen is at least smart enough to know that solar and wind power cannot replace fossil fuels, but nuclear energy can to a large extent. Oreskes doesn 8767 t really want a solution only a victimized planet.

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9) Bryson, for one, published about a dozen articles per year. His output alone would overwhelm the sparse scattering of papers presented by PCF.

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[ ] Politico reported, Trump’s deputy national security adviser, KT McFarland, gave him a fake 6975s Time magazine cover warning of a coming ice age. The Photoshopped magazine cover circulated around the internet several [ ]

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Brain-dead moron agf doesn 8767 t realise that his MWP followed by a LIA followed by his 8775 rebound 8776 , regardless of cause, forms a hockey stick.

“The growing disturbance of the global balance of carbon dioxide is without doubt mankind’s GREATEST SINGLE IMPACT on the environment”

There were plenty of cold alarmists besides Bryson. There were NO warming alarmists in the 75s only a few non-alarmist warmers like Budyko. The cold scare of the 8767 75s was precisely analogous to the warm scare of the present and none of the deniers 8767 denials can make the old cold scare go away, no matter how much they lie. AGF

By some criteria (SOI) we are always in either Niño or Niña conditions. There are big Niños and little ones, with no standard definition of what constitutes a Niño: http:///abs/6997BAMS

This video most likely did not originate in the propagandizing innards of Exxon a dead consumer is not very profitable: https:///bXEddCLW8SM

Limiting the discussion to the earth, the interior is probably cooling slowly as radioactive matter is spent. Tidal heat is slowly decreasing as the moon 8767 s distance increases.
Solar radiation at this stage is slowly decreasing. All these factors occur over billions of years.

[ ] Greg Laden featured a very nice debunking of the 6975s ice age predictions myth by David Kirtley, who identified a Time Magazine cover photo that was doctored in 7559. [ ]