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New Government for South Africa | Must make jobs and

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How did Ghandi go about obtaining independance for India? Now my second question, would you then mind if the whites in SA start fighting for their own independance in the same manner as the ANC did?

17 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Nelson Mandela

He didn 8767 t choose it, the real saints of Lucifer put it on him, like the ones who put a crown of thorns into Christ skull. He completed His prophesied mission anyway. Like Nelson Mandela did.

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I consider it also wrong to say that these primitive races have no civilization. They do have civilization, but only of a crude and primitive sort. Animals don 8767 t have language, art, religion or technology ( keep in mind that a simple spear or a boomerang is technology, animals don 8767 t have that).These primitive races have all these things. The primitivity of their civilization does not warrant to classify them with animals who really have no civilization at all.

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The ANC has a lot to answer for, the position has NOT changed a lot for the masses. Most of the inequalities entrenched in apartheid has just gotten deeper, the ANC members (at least their elite) has become millionaires.

What an absurd waste of time
this thread has become. May as well discuss whether
or not chimps are human. After all, Caucasians and
chimps share more than 95% of the same DNA.

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Oh, so now you are saying that Nelson Mandela should be held responsible for the actions of his estranged wife while he was in prison?

Do not, NOT, I warn you, do a pn internet search on Africans and cannabalism. On a suggestion from someone, I did. There are graphic pictures and videos of LIVE cannibal acts being practiced today. TODAY.

Please do NOT try to compare the position of a white in SA today as the same as the position of a black under your Verwoed or the NP.

This is an IGNORANT rank. The ancient Israelites were Negroes. The Bible they wrote, is the bedrock of western civilisation. Without the Bible, there would be no western civilisation.