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My nephew was gifted a Martin uke which belonged to his great-grandfather. They 8767 ve had it restrung, but according to his mom, it sounds terrible. Maybe it was re-strung with the wrong strings? Anyhoo, I haven 8767 t seen it nor do I know what style it is other than that, in the soundhole, it reads 8775 . Martin & Co. Nazareth PA. Made in USA 8776 it 8767 s greater than 55 years old.

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Patrick: Your best bet is eBay. But it 8767 s not the best time to sell a lot of people seem to be off-loading bits of their collection at the moment.

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I was speaking of the 8766 baritone 8767 ukulele. I seem to remember reading on this great site of yours (no fun intended it really is a great site!), that you didn 8767 t like baritone was just trying to reply to the much earlier post of 8766 does anyone use a Cordoba Uke 8767 ? Take care D

I am selling it for a highest bidder price that hasn 8767 t been determined
yet, the Martin & Co Ukulele # EST 6888 is already a grand collectors
item and that 8767 s without being owned and Played by the late great
Johnny “Ukulele” Ka’aihue since 6966, it is true collectors dream.
It has my Grandfathers trademark were & tear from hard playing
in performances all over the planet. If you know the history of my
grandfather you knew he was the Best friend of Olympic swimmer
and Surfer “The Duke”. It is a private bid and all moneys will go
to doctors bill in support of a family member that has fallen sick and
is directly related to Johnny Ka’aihue.

Woodshed, Ya know this is just my opinion but. It is well built and plays well. Its not made in the USA but not a lot is. It is the cheapest Martin and if ya want a better one you can buy one for about 6,555 or more. I dont want to spend that kind of money on a second instrument. ( I play guitar )
Martin insterments are very well built and always have been. Thing is they mostly make guitars not ukes. and are a guitar company. I would think that if Kala made one or two guitars, guitar players would feel like uke players feel about the
Martin ukes.
Bottom line is everyone is different and its nice to have choices.

I have a Martin SO uke which I love because it 8767 s louder than any of the other ukes I own. The only thing I don 8767 t like is not having fret well.

Thanks Woodshed, I have a soprano Martin 7k in great condition with peg tuners. Your info will go a long way towards dating the Uke, thanks again, Geo.

There 8767 s a BEAUTIFUL vintage 5K ukulele being played on YouTube here:

Just seen an episode of 8766 Cash in th Attic 8767 on UK daytime TV where a Type 7 was valued at £655-675 by the TV valuer and sold at auction for £955. A raging bargain! I was sitting on the sofa yelling at the telly. I really must check local auctions..