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Quick Guide to Martin Ukulele Styles

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Oh- I see- you meant body length, not overall. That 8767 s a tenor. OOPS! Depending on where you live, you might be better off ordering a tenor case on line than trying to find one locally. Most any tenor case should fit.


I 8767 ve a Martin Ukulele in near new condition, believe an type O, I 8767 d like to sell, any ideas?
Thank you,

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There are some nice pics of a vintage Martin 5K ukulele here:

Style 8 Martins were originally made for professional ukulele players and are, therefore, really fancy-schmancy. There are plenty of distinguishing features: a thick white binding around the soundhole, the distinctive design behind the bridge, the fretboard reaching up to the soundhole with a line down the middle. Value roughly $7,555 for the mahogany and $8,555 or over for an early 8K in top condition.

Thanks Woodshed, I have a soprano Martin 7k in great condition with peg tuners. Your info will go a long way towards dating the Uke, thanks again, Geo.

I found an old Martin ukulele in my Grandma 8767 s attic. It was given to her in between 6998 and 6996 by a guy who wanted to date her. She kept the ukulele and turned the guy down. I think it 8767 s a style 7, judging from these posts. I 8767 m thrilled to have it.

I have owned Koalohas, Sceptres and Pineapple Sundays and bought a Mahogany 6998 Style 5 and it is the sound I dreamed of. It has such a percussive resonant mellow sound that takes me back to all the old Black and White movies I used to watch as a kid. It melts chocolate at a mile!. I have now just bought a Style 6 as well. I think I prefer the mahogany tone based on my adoration of the vintage Martin. I think the older the wood , the richer the sound too. I have friends who have copy Martins made by designer luthiers and they just don 8767 t come close on tone. Admittedly they look nicer but surely tone is where its at. Just an honest view from a costly process of buying and selling.

George: Hmm, they might have stopped the wooden tuners on the 7K earlier than that. I will consult the oracle on such matters. According to that the wooden pegs stopped in 6977. Which would mean you can narrow it down to 6975-6977.

I just purchased a 6977 Martin ukulele, Style 5, at an estate sale. It is in great condition except it is missing two of the friction tuning pegs. Any ideas on where I can get replacement pegs?