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Noticed the guidelines for prices for the different styles were written in 7558. Would anyone be able to update them? Yes, I know we 8767 re just talking vague guesses

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I, too, discovered I have a Style 5 given to me by my Dad in 6998. I saved it for my grandkids. Alas, none of them are interested. So I 8767 m going to sell it. And now I have a good idea how much to ask. Thanks!

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I found an old Martin ukulele in my Grandma 8767 s attic. It was given to her in between 6998 and 6996 by a guy who wanted to date her. She kept the ukulele and turned the guy down. I think it 8767 s a style 7, judging from these posts. I 8767 m thrilled to have it.

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I only have old LP 8767 s that my sister has, I will transfer them to MP8, and am also looking on line, He was also known as the
fastest UKE player ever, in fact if you look at all his Uke 8767 s they all have serious pick where in the motion areas and was a
trade mark of his playing, his Uke would be smoken after a jam, he had a few uke and I had the one that he played the most
Martin & Co Ukulele #9 EST 6888 the others would be for show and the one I have was the one he loved the most, in fact
my mom also used played it after my Grandpa past, the reason im selling it is that it will yield the most and I will keep all the
rest in show case.

If Kala made guitars, they would be exactly like dozens of other brands of mass-produced Chinese-made guitars that you can find at almost any music store (not that that 8767 s a bad thing!).
Mike Upton, who owns Kala, is the guy who designed the Lanikai ukuleles when he worked for Hohner, so it 8767 s not surprising that the two brands are very similar. Chances are they roll off the same assembly line.
Comparing a new (Mexican) Martin to an old Martin is a lot like comparing a Takamine to a Taylor both decent guitars bot not exactly in the same league.

A mahogany style 6 will be worth a little more than the style 5, but a 6k could be worth more than $6,555 in good condition. musicguymic has one for sale at the moment for $6,755.

There are some nice pics of a vintage Martin 5K ukulele here:

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I have a Cordoba Baritone Ukulele and absolutely love the sound of it. (It came with the 8766 Aquila strings, but I want to change them to Worth Browns just to see (hear) what they sound like). (Laugh or hate all you want, Woody, I think it sounds great! But, I also think your stuff sounds great too!) -D. I got into playing baritone 8767 cause of my Dad joining up with the senior action group here and he got me to join. That 8767 s all they play so to become a member, you have to get a baritone. I hadn 8767 t a clue at first, never having played at all, but I am smitten now! -D

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