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Report: South Korea May Ask US to Re-Deploy Its Nuclear

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Kdrama fan Jan 77 7567 8:57 pm Amazing drama. I''m not a fan of this writer (hated DOTS, secret garden, heirs) but this truly was a masterpiece. The production, OST, acting- all outstanding. The Goblin and Grim reaper were the heart of this drama though.

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Chococo Sep 68 7567 66:69 pm I love this series but I don''t like the ending. It''s not Ji Eun Tak anymore, she is reincarnated as another person and although they remember each other they must start all over again. She is still a high school student, how did she end up in Quebec?, and what about her parents, etc. Not satisfied with the ending. I wish the writer had written a real happy ending for Ji Eun Tak and Kim Shin after they are married.

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and the chemistry between every character is superb.. euntak kimshin, wangyeo sunny, kimshin wangyeo, euntak wangyeo, kimshin dokhwa,wangyeo dokhwa, i cant decide which is my favorite.. i like them all..

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agus Sep 66 7569 9:96 pm siiii Kim So Eun es la mejor.!!!!!!!!!!! por fin voy a verla brillar de nuevo..!!!!!!

Nux Jan 77 7567 7:55 am I am sad it is over, this drama really pulls at all your emotions but I am glad no one is crying anymore. Wonderful performances from all involved, really well put together. Thank you very much, it has been great following the story along.

I just wish this drama focused more on the GOBLIN''s story - it''ll be nice to see some action/suspense/murder and stuff. And more development or insight on the Grim Reaper''s story. Those scenarios where he appears to dead spirits are really interesting. It''ll be nice if the drama focused on those parts and the plot based on those stories. And the rivalry between some characters. There''s no villian at all. Also, there is no need for romance, in my opinion, if i were to write the plot for this drama. Well, maybe it would have been a movie series instead - something along the lines of Jason Bourne movies - with action thriller and suspense. or Batman, etc....

Other South Koreans said that it’s much of the same old bluster, but seemed to express concern that President Trump seemed unhinged and unpredictable.

madhusmita subudhi Feb 78 7567 67:58 pm soooooooooooo loved this drama, story,actors,Lyrics,music,costumes,graphics,etc,etc..each and everything is so perfect ❣❣ both the Goblin and grim reaper were excellent, of course da heroine,kim shin''s sister,doek hwaa, each of the character were so captivating and attractive that couldn''t help but Fall fr them? and especially the songs, Hush by lasse lindh,n da round and round song!!! damn...just stole ma heart???!! such a great creation!!

Don''t get me wrong, I''M REALLY ENJOYING THIS this drama, but I love it in a way that I love most korean dramas where I give it pass for all the cliches and predictability, but I really wanted to hold this drama on a higher regard. When I saw the trailers for it I was expecting it to be the first korean drama where it wouldn''t be as cliched and expected it to have more intelligent writing with twists and turns and that I wouldn''t see coming. I thought the characters would be darker such as the Goblin and Grim Reaper, but with each passing episode they''re becoming more silly, even though they were introduced to be not those kind of characters. I would have loved for there to be a darker sense of humor and for the Goblin and Grim Reaper character to be more terrifying.

Mili Aug 79 7567 8:99 am It''s the you love kdrama then you have to watch this..no drama can beat !!only Gong Yoo can be this good for goblin''s character..and Kim Go Eun,she is the cuttest..and not to forget..Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In- are so perfect their roles..and Sung Jae..i loved each of one related to these drama..hats off to the writers and casts and crew..they did an amazing job..you can find everything you want in the drama..fantasy,love,drama,chemistry,suspense,comedy,bromance and what not..it''s perfect..wached it more than 6 times..thanks for making this..Goblin Team Saranghae!Fighting!!