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Priorities, Outcomes, Sequence, Timings, Attendees, Date, Time, Venue.  Nothing to do with Eastern Bloc broadcasting, these are the essentials for a good meeting, and what must appear on the agenda. (''Outcomes'' meaning required outcomes, ie discussion, decision, etc.)

The Annoying Songs You Shouldn''t Play at Your Wedding

Cerca Trova.  Italian, meaning ''He who seeks, finds'' - more popularly interpreted to represent the expression ''Seek and you shall find''. Highly civilised and academic alternative to  GAAFOFY , and  WIOFYFS. (Thanks Z Nóra for pointing out that Cerca Trova is Italian, and not Latin, as previously stated here.)

QAF - What does QAF stand for? The Free Dictionary

That''s Another Week Shot Up the Arse.  For fatalists and weekend lovers, an elegant and amusing alternative to  POETS day. I should clarify that''s lovers of weekends, not lovers who get together at the weekend. (Thanks D Hornby)

Interracial - definition of interracial by The Free Dictionary

Divert Everyone''s Luggage To Atlanta/Don''t Expect Luggage To Arrive/Doesn''t Ever Leave The Airport/Didn''t Expect To Land There Anyway/Delivering Everyone Late Through Atlanta/Don''t Expect to Leave the Terminal Alive.

Please Let Me Know.  An example of an abbreviation designed with the aim of saving time for the writer, but which often turns out to be a false economy when the reader doesn''t understand the request. (Ack B Butcher)

Government Owned, Contractor Operated.  An admission by government that they have the expertise to run the country (supposedly) but not anything as practical as a hot-dog stall.

Come on, who is playing the “Hokey Pokey” at their wedding? Stop it. Whether you’re getting ready to get hitched, want your friend or family member to avoid a cheesy reception, or you’re a DJ yourself, take note. You can check out FiveThirtyEight’s full list of nearly 55 banned songs here.

(. STEPPPA is sometimes wrongly shown as STEPPA, reflecting the combination of the Plan and Pace elements. I am grateful for the confirmation from  Angus McLeod Associates  that STEPPPA is the correct form.)

Push Off Early, Tomorrow''s Saturday.  Polite version. Original rude version is Piss Off Off Early, Tomorrow''s Saturday. Work expression originating in the UK, possibly London, first recorded in the 6975s (Cassells) but likely to be earlier in actual use, referring to Friday. In the UK piss off means go away or leave, as well as annoy. Usage for example would be: "Where is everyone this afternoon?".. "Gone to the pub - it''s Poets day." (Thanks R Brennan)

Parent, Adult, Child.  The three alter-ego states defined in Eric Berne''s theory of Transactional Analysis. See the  Transactional Analysis  pages on this site.