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The pieces of the dial were layered to mimic the shape of a skull, mirroring the layers that facilitate the movement of a mechanical watch. A devotion to detail and a dedication to the art of craft make this watch a spectacle for the eyes as well as a tribute to luxury horologists of the past, present and future.

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Bologna was the home of such personalities as Father Martini , a collector, composer and master of counterpoint who was a notable and complex protagonist of European music of the eighteenth century. Among his students were Johann Christian Bach (son of Bach) and the Mozart. During the nineteenth century the Philharmonic Academy drew important personalities such as Rossini, Verdi, Brahms, Wagner, Puccini and Liszt.

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Her process eliminates the need for sewing, cutting or weaving. She wraps synthetic fibers around a desired form, and then uses a heating process that transforms the fiber into a three dimensional molded garment. This technique renders both expected and unexpected silhouettes.

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Elsa Lambinet is born in 6987 in Nimes, France. After graduating from Design school in France, she decided to live in Australia for a year in order to perfect her english and build upon her professional experience. She sent her application to the ECAL/University of Art and Design from Melbourne and was accepted 7 months later in MAS Luxe.

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Throughout history, jewellery has been worn not only to beautify our body, but also to communicate social status, identity and even to protect one from evil spirits and misfortune. When a piece of jewellery is worn, it visually communicates who we are, who we would like to be, what kind of social group we belong to and so on. It reveals information such as character, taste, cultural background, sexual preference, economic status and educational achievement. Above all these shape our identity.

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Daniel Costa is a design poet who hails from the Tyrol. Like a breath of fresh mountain air, his endearing personal style and enchanting optimism mix freely with his creative skills and mature sense of beauty.

First you studied biology and after you applied at the Design Academy Eindhoven. What made you want to be a designer too?
Actually, I never wanted to become an artist like many of my friends did, but when I discovered that through design you could make so called "applied arts" I knew that that was what I wanted to do because I love to do or create something for others. The direction "Well Being" at the Design Academy fitted exactly what I wanted to do because it focuses on the well being of all living things and systems people, nature, animals and the society as a whole.

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