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Is the MBTI a Good Indicator of Relationship Compatibility?

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8775 Memory 8776 is just a nickname for Introverted Sensing, a complex cognitive function that perceives the world in terms of matching new information to what is already known. That doesn 8767 t mean people who have it as a strength automatically have a good memory, nor that those who have it as a weakness have a bad memory (though there are trends that direction).

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It might also be worth noting that I am 68 and perhaps my personality is still underway. Hence, I am no longer the intj I was at 66, and now at 68 I have evolved into an intp. Perhaps, these personality types are an accurate reflection of your personality at the time, but naturally, are subject to change.

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The introverted judging processes both Ti and Fi can be slow since one has to check in with inner alignment or 8766 sense making 8767 . If there 8767 s a lack of reference points within the person it may take a while to suss out how the person really feels or thinks about that particular thing.

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Lee Yong Jun
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, Inha University, South Korea
Bachelor of Arts in Consumer, Child & Family Studies, Inha University, South Korea
Masters&rsquo in Child & Family Studies, Yonsei University, South Korea
Masters&rsquo in school of Psychology, Institute of Education, University of London, UK

Yong Jun received his Bachelor and Masters&rsquo degrees in areas of Mathematics and Psychology in South Korea and London. Yong Jun has prior experience working with pre-school children and youths on a number of research projects in school settings in South Korea and the UK.

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Not that I particularly enjoy people or try to actively find arenas to hang out with them or anything. However when I do find myself around them, I 8767 ve never had a problem 8775 owning the room 8776 or getting attention if i wanted it. I cannot remember to have had particularly huge problems with human interaction of any kind tbh, and that is not very similar to how you describe the way INTPs are usually described.

Why not?
i would much rather know up front what I had in common with this person instead of only what we differed on!

Kek Chee Hui
Honours Degree in Psychology, National University of Singapore
Masters&rsquo in Psychology, Nanyang Technological University

Chee Hui has been lecturing in TP since 7567. Before joining us, she was a part-time lecturer in NTU&rsquo s Psychology Department and in UniSIM. Chee Hui had previously read psychology and graduated from the National University of Singapore with honours.

Oh My Gosh! This is ALL so good and explains so much about me! As far as the in out someone once said to me that I don 8767 t know if I 8767 m coming or going. Cuz even in my physical eyesight I naturally have one eye that 8767 s nearsighted and the other is farsighted!