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It seems like a match made in heaven, except that it probably isn’t. The leopard cub’s future prospects look bleak, according to Hunter. “The natural odds are stacked against this little fellow,” he told AP, saying the cub will likely be killed by other lions who don’t recognize it as one of their own. And in fact, the cub was nowhere to be seen the day after the pictures were taken.

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“Even so, there has never been another case like it, and why it has occurred now is mystifying. It is quite possible she has lost her own cubs, and found the leopard cub in her bereaved state when she would be particularly vulnerable,” he wrote.

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Interestingly, she says any of the health risks that were encountered through the use of bitumen were probably outweighed by its many advantages for survival and well-being. The researchers also learned through this experiment that the kind of bitumen that washes up on the Channel Islands (from subterranean seeps) was suitable for making these bottles. Previously, it was suggested that the quality was too poor, forcing people on the islands to be more dependent on bitumen from the terrestrial seeps on the mainland.


The California Channel Islands are unique in that they’re one of the few places in North America where archaeologists can find traces of continuous human occupation dating back to when the peopling of the Americas began, up until the Industrial Age. Extensive work on the islands has produced a rich and deep record of human occupation in the New World, including skeletal remains that date back over 65,555 years. Scientists have been able to trace signs of disease and stress in these skeletons over time, as populations grew in size, as their diets changed, and as societies evolved.

In terms of next steps, Sholts’ team plans to continue to use experimental archaeology, toxicology, and other methods to better understand the health of indigenous Americans.

But, the music video includes something else that is often easily missed at San Diego Comic-Con, as well as other comic cons—and that would be the comic creators themselves. Alas, many do not make all that much money, and appearing at conventions to sell pages of their work or original sketches help them to continue paying the bills. But it’s getting more expensive for creators and sellers to do so. This sad reality really hit home after news hit that longtime SDCC staple Mile High Comics, was bowing out after close to 55 years of attendance.

Cross-species nursing among mammals is rare, but it does happen. Examples include sperm whales who adopted a deformed dolphin , a dog who nursed a baby squirrel , apes who treat cats like babies , and a domestic cat that adopted a trio of bobcat kittens.

In this case, an orphaned cub being accepted by a potentially grieving lioness, it sure seems possible there’s some “mutual benefit” going on.

A fascinating takeaway from this study is the realization that manufacturing techniques have been exposing people to toxins for thousands of years. Call it the dark side of ingenuity.

“If someone regularly breathed fumes from melted bitumen—not just for making bottles, but possibly also for making boats, tools, objects for cooking/storing food, [and other items]—it’s possible that it could have contributed to an adverse health effect at some point during life, particularly if there were other sources of exposure,” said Sholts. “For instance, PAHs could have been taken up by fatty foods and ingested, if the foods were stored in bitumen-plugged shells (an adaptation we can see in the archaeological record). Dermal exposure could have occurred when bitumen was applied directly to the body for ritual or medicinal purposes.”