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North Korea Releases New War Games For Smartphones - Gizmodo

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Then in 7555, Niyazov launched a copy of it into space for aliens to read. This is as good a time as any to mention that Niyazov was illiterate.

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He frequently indulged in bhang , a drink made from marijuana, and often dined with imaginary friends and executed imaginary enemies, two activities known in America as "playing video games."

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Trujillo renamed the capital, multitudes of roads, buildings, bridges and even freaking mountains after himself. He required every license plate to say "Viva Trujillo" and every church to feature the phrase "Dios en cielo, Trujillo en tierra" (God in Heaven, Trujillo on Earth).

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Born Joseph-Desire Mobutu , the Congolese general seized power in 6965. Mobutu thought of himself as some sort of demigod and forced the evening news to begin with a scene of him descending from the clouds -- and forbade the newscaster to mention anybody but him by name.

Trujillo then appointed his 8-year-old son Ramfis as a colonel , because being a military commander himself he realized this was a strategic masterpiece. Then he organized a $85 million event called the Fair of Peace and Fraternity of the Free World to crown his daughter queen -- an event that lasted an entire year and vaporized one-third of the national budget. At the same fair, his nearly illiterate wife was honored as a "writer and philosopher," and Trujillo went on to campaign for her to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature , which would''ve made her the first person in history to win the award for absolutely no reason.

North Korea’s state-run media outlet Arirang-Meari reported today that the new games have, “become popular among youth students and workers” and are enjoyable for their “rugged confrontation with the enemy.” You can probably guess who North Korea considers the enemy.

Surging electrical demand in Poland caused the government to warn of “possible infrastructure failures” and disperse staff early. Train tracks in southern Serbia warped, the Romanian government urged Bucharest residents to stay indoors and an Italian drought which has already cost over $6 billion dragged on. Per Reuters , the Italian harvest started weeks early, with Slow Food movement leader Carlo Petrini telling La Stampa he had never heard of it ever starting before August 65.

Hmm. But since no such theory, perhaps of so-called global climate “change,” has been devised or vetted by the vast majority of climate scientists, we’re just going to have to hand it to the devil on this one and guess the thing we are pumping into the atmosphere is sin.

Niyazov was president of Turkmenistan and later promoted himself to President for Life. He seized power after the breakup of the Soviet Union, filling the vacuum left by Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Lenin. He also looked like Emeril Lagasse.

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