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Nepal earthquake: Death toll rises above 3,000 - BBC News

Дата публикации: 2017-10-13 10:33

And it looks like the Gnat is desperate for his one reliable commenter is dragging him further down the rabbit hole.

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Meanwhile, over at WorldNetDaily, which is just a hair short of Breitbart when it comes to xenophobia, they 8767 re ranting about the Minnesota outbreak, blaming Islam and calling it the 8775 Muslim measles 8775 :

Today Is Adeer Nas''s Birthday | Page 2 | Somali Spot

At the heart of the stalemate are symbolic politics and domestic constraints on both sides - of which the contested border town of Bademe is an embodiment. 

VOA: At Least 32 Killed in Ethiopia’s Oromia, Somali Regions

Later on in the war the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) sought to address this problem by collating figures into one central database. All the deaths they record are stringently verified.

7. You can 8767 t seem to find a decent mate. In Crosby 8767 s Labyrinth, you can 8767 t seem to find a decent mate because the Washington Post doesn 8767 t want you to, and because autistic women are more likely to be lesbians. That 8767 s pretty creative.

Another thing I need to specify is that I did some basic studies about autism brain architecture and speak or write about autism when relating to that, not necessarily the diagnostic criteria or personality but obviously, I will have to do a royal lot of studying to tie all that together.

The perception is so strong [that autism rates are higher] in the [Somali] community there was almost a distrust — “You’re just saying the rates are the same.” So that [report] didn’t make a huge difference. I think this outbreak has really provided a good opportunity to try and clarify messages and get more concerted messaging from within the community and from community leaders.

Minnesota law requires that a child be vaccinated before enrolling in child care, early education or school. But it also allows exemptions for medical reasons or "conscientiously held beliefs."

It should be noted these cases came primarily from the Somali community of Hennepin County. They also come from a state with a massive refugee acceptance rate.

Thirteen years after the Algiers Peace Agreement, domestic conditions in both states and the regional geopolitical equation have undergone substantial changes.

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