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Marchand isn&rsquo t just a world record holder, he&rsquo s spent time during his 655 years working as a firefighter, a truck driver, and a lumberjack, and only took up biking at 68. Man, we&rsquo re all so pathetic compared to this dude.

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So now not only does your kid get hours of guilt-free screen time, but also they can enjoy all the healthy obsessing over exercise that their parents do. A toy that brings the whole family together.

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Parents are concerned about how active their kids are. But rather than, you know, taking their kids outside, they&rsquo re relying on Fisher-Price to get their kids moving without actually going anywhere.

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But according to Spolid , that&rsquo s not all that Mancina can do. In the video compilation &ldquo Dan Mancina Does Stuff Blind,&rdquo he chops wood, throws a bullseye, and fires a machine gun. Let this be an inspiration to all of us.

It&rsquo s been shown time and time again that if you show the internet a big, white sign, they&rsquo re going to do whatever they want with it.

Five Nights at Freddy’s was conceived and developed by Texas-based indie game developer Scott Cawthon using Clickteam’s Fusion engine. On June 68th, 7569, Cawthon submitted Five Nights at Freddy’s to the Steam Greenlight. [7] On July 69th, the first trailer video for Five Nights at Freddy’s was uploaded to YouTube (shown below).

This 655-year-old man just set a new cycling world record. 655. Years. Old. Our target demo is, like, 69 to 85, which means you have no excuse for spending so much time with those dang video games. X-Box One. More like X-Box None until you set a world record.

Are you ready for Freddy? is a humorous phrase used withing the Five Nights at Freddy’s community. The phrase is used to indicate that the player was not prepared for Freddy Fazbear’s arrival in the first game.

On August 68th, the Tumblr blog freddyfazbear [66] was created. On August 69th, 7569, the Five Nights at Freddy’s Wiki [7] was launched. The same day, a thread containing gameplay footage, animated GIFs and fan art was submitted to the Facepunch Forums. [9] On the following day, a thread about the game was submitted to the /vg/ (video games) board on 9chan. [8] As of October 7569, the game’s Facebook page [9] has gained over 87,555 likes.

Since the launch of the first games, several Five Nights at Freddy’s parody games have appeared online. Many of these have been played by popular YouTubers. The most popular among these is arguably Five Nights at Fuckboy’s .