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I 8767 m so sorry to hear of what you 8767 re going through with your husband. Regardless of his nationality, green cards, social security numbers, etc. a marriage is a union between two people who should, at the minimum, respect one another. It sounds to me like he 8767 s expecting a lot from you yet offering very little in return. If this doesn 8767 t change soon it 8767 s only going to get worse. Eventually you 8767 ll be expected to accept this behavior, and perhaps even worse, and you 8767 ll be resentful. Don 8767 t allow your marriage to get to that point. And since you can 8767 t change him, you have no other option than to change yourself and decide what you 8767 re willing to accept.

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In your case, because you 8767 re not sure if you want to stay in the US or move to Kuwait and perhaps you 8767 ll be like us and do a little of both several times a year, marrying an American would probably be more ideal for you. So, finding one? Well, we know several Arab American couples who met using dating sites and are now happily married with a dozen children 🙂 Or, you could attend some events that your local Islamic Center is offering after Ramadan.

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If you really want to know how important you are and how serious he is send him a message explaining that you can 8767 t see or talk to him anymore until he arranges to introduce you to the family and be prepared to get married.

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Than you so much for your response. It did help put things into perspective for me. I wish things could have been different. My gut tells me, him and i could spend our lives happy together. But sometimes you are meant to love someone but not spend your life with them, which is unfortunate. I believe Allah will definetley send the right guy into my life.
Thank you!

Marry for happiness. Nothing elase matters. And don 8767 t say: but what 8767 s about the children. By the time they are old enough it will not make a difference.

Hi I was reading your story and I am so excited to marry my fiancé he is Jordanian Bedouin , I would like to keep in touch if possible and I have some questions to ask before the big day hope you will be ok with this

Sounds like you are truly happy. I hope things work out and you live a long life together always bringing so much joy. Wishing you all the best.

8. It 8767 s not that always an issue that people still can’t get over a subjective social phenomenon such as race (by the way, we do objectively exist as different groups of people, even if we want to call it 8775 race 8776 ). It 8767 s that there are still legitimate issues to face, even in coming together as different 8775 races. 8776

There are really not that many varying shades if you want to buy cosmetics in Korea, and most brands only stock two colors (if that) WHITE, and WHITER (not kidding).

Women that don 8767 t look typically black or Asian or hispanic find that a lot of the messages they receive contain rude questions about their race.

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