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Even though the platform is not bad (there are better), many of the features come in 8775 plugins form 8776 . Many of these plugins are made by third parties, and you will find that many just don 8767 t work. If you tell the programmer, some will even ask you for your cPanel credentials. It wont matter if you give them the database and ftp access to a dev server.

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-Smart idea is just buy the basic software with 755$ or 955$ what ever and hire a developer and design the software the way you want instead of paying 8555$ unless you want to learn a lesson in a hard way.

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I am using and it 8767 s one of the best! It 8767 s so easy to setup and my website was up and running in few minutes. Recommended, I liked it especially their templates, are well designed and easy to customize.

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They told that you can 8767 t leave a feedback on their product
I leave feedback about their service quality and they ban my account? They vialate the law and play big brother and manace their own custumer of law suite if they don 8767 t remove nevative comment.

Scam? That 8767 s funny. The competition posts fake reviews all over. Can 8767 t do anything about that. Our over 75,555 customers and the software speaks for itself.

A basic license for PG Dating Pro costs $799. An extra $99 has to be paid to remove branding. To get access to the open source code, you need to pay $599. I was a little surprised that they charge an extra $855 for access to the source code, as their home page proudly declares that 8775 Dating Pro is an open source PHP dating software for everyone 8776 . However, on the plus side, the open source plan does come with brand removal as default.

I just purchased skadate and I found that the setup wasn 8767 t as easy as they claimed so I 8767 m getting a refund. Also the support wasn 8767 t any help at all.

I saw this today https:///?part=street_chat Street Chat, Google Street View chat 🙂 Just like Pokemon GO. Seems really cool, they got Video Chat as well though.

They still horible They remove my license for ask me to upgrade. they told me:
We will not send you anything so please contact your law department. We have 8 years of upgrades. Thank you!

MyMatch can be purchased for a one off fee of $55. Each purchase comes with the full source code and original Photoshop files.