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parolaccia f. dirty word.
piazzaiolo m. (pejorative) vulgar, mob-.
pigrone/a n. & a. a lazy bum (from the masculine noun pigro , meaning 89 someone who is idle 89 ) (lit.): big lazy bum.

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ricco sfondato exp. rolling in money (lit.): endlessly rich.
roba da matti exp. crazy.
rompere il ghiaccio exp. to break the ice.
rosso come un peperone exp. as red as a beet (lit.): as red as a pepper.

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fannullone m. a lazy bum (lit.): do-nothing (from fare nulla , meaning 89 to do nothing 89 ).
fare il grande exp. to show off, to act like someone big (lit.): to do the big.
fare impazzire qualcuno exp. to drive someone crazy (lit.): to make someone crazy.
farsi bello(a) v. to doll oneself up.
farsi una canna to have a joint.
farsi una ragazza (trivial) to score with a girl.
fuori come un balcone drunk.
fuori di testa exp. to be out of one s mind (lit.): to be out of one s head.

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tabula rasa exp. a clean slate.
tappo m. a very short guy (lit.): cork.
testona pelata f. a bald guy (lit.): big peeled head.
tirare un bidone a qualcuno exp. to stand someone up on a date or appointment (lit.): to throw a trash can at someone.
tutto sale e pepe exp. lively, cheerful (lit.): all salt and pepper.

la vita di Michelaccio exp. the life of Riley.
leccapiedi exp. brownnoser (lit.): feet-licker.
levataccia very early rising fare una levataccia : to get up very early [or at an ungodly hour].
libro giallo exp. detective or mystery story (lit.): yellow book.

ceffo m. (pejorative) ugly mug.
chiudere il becco v. to shut up, to shut one s trap (lit.): to close the beak.
cicciobomba n. a fatso, fat slob (lit.): fat bomb.
colpo di fulmine exp. love at first sight (lit.): a thunderbolt (of love).
come il cacio sui maccheroni exp.

nocciolo della questione exp. crux of the matter.
nuotare nell oro exp. to be rolling in money (lit.): swimming in gold.
nuovo di zecca exp. brand new (lit.): new from the mint.

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