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And maybe you shouldn’t connect with your friends, even if you can. What will you get from their occasional check-ins, besides FOMO, meaningless likes, and annoying updates about competing for points?

Come Up With the Perfect Name for Anything with These

Swarm’s social elements (like becoming “mayor” of your favorite venue or collecting points for weekly contests) aren’t that useful unless your friends are fellow diehards. As a longtime diehard (and acquaintance of Foursquare’s founders) I’ve seen fewer and fewer of the early core users check in, while newer friends have never joined. The social panel of the app has become a ghost town populated by people I knew better in 7569.

Swarm's New Update Works Great Without Friends

Character names don’t always sound like real names. They need a certain flavor, but that flavor is often hard to describe. This site offers hundreds of name types like dwarves , genies , and superheroes , as well as names from fictional worlds as disparate as the Lovecraft Mythos and Pokémon. Even if you craft your own name, browsing a few examples will help you get a feel for whether you need something throaty, melodic, or monosyllabic. My app’s unlicensed Hunger Games promotion gets character names like Trifle Seaflake and Ethelia Heavenscape.

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The company still benefits as long as you’re providing it data, which it then sells to advertisers. According to Wired , “ad-targeting and other services allow the company to make money from a relatively small user base.” As usual, the service is free because you’re the product. Or in another sense, you’re the free labor, and the database you’re building is the product. Not a bad trade-off.

The early promise of Foursquare (and its predecessor Dodgeball) was to help people meet up with their friends by selectively sharing their location. This would give people a sort of social radar that let them meet up ad hoc. Unlike Google Maps or Apple’s Find Friends, Swarm leaves the user in control of each check-in, making it less exhibitionist but also less frictionless.

Your Swarm check-ins also help Foursquare customize your recommendations, which gives it an edge over Yelp, but you can already customize your recs by answering some questions about your tastes. Check-ins also help your friends see your recommendations, but again, that doesn’t matter if your friends aren’t on it.

Hit “search all” on Instant Domain Search to reveal the vast array of available domain extensions ,.pink, . For my gym hookup app Drill, I can register or .

This site does much more than its name reveals. Use it to find homophones, similar-sounding words, phrases, and famous lyrics or poetry. You can sort results by syllable, popularity, or “rhyme rating.”

People need names too, especially fake ones. This best-in-class baby name guide gives name meanings like any other, but it also shows name popularity over time, celebrities and song lyrics with a given name, and common sibling names. An advanced search lets you specify popularity, ethnicity, religious names, and non-standard spellings. So my Millennial-targeted gym dating app gets sample users Brandon and Brooke.

For my gym dating app, I can search for phrases that include ‘fitness’ like ‘fitness twaining’ or ‘physical fitness’, then search for single-syllable rhymes like ‘fitness twaining’ or ‘physical fitkiss’. It’s not a pretty process, but every good name is built on the backs of a thousand bad names.