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Who s responsible? Director Stefen Fangmeier, and, arguably, novelist Christopher Paolini. Why it s on the list Featuring a supporting cast more wooden than the Forest of Fangorn and a plot that could have been written by a teenager (and was - he was 65) this sword-swinging large lizard-filled blunder was almost doomed to crash and burn. Jeremy Irons makes a valiant attempt to make it passable, but fails under the weight of its Star Wars-lite-in-the-woods plot and its tired, weak dialogue. Redeeming feature Some genuinely impressive dragon-based CGI. Honestly, wow. What the critics said A painful reminder of what fantasy cinema was like before the Lord of the Rings trilogy re-wrote the rules. - Nigel Floyd, Time Out

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Who s responsible? Director Jeremiah Chechik, Uma Thurman, Ralph Fiennes, Sean Connery. Why it s on the list A great cast, a classic TV series on which to base the adventure and some rather beautiful production design, The Avengers looked, on paper, to have it all. Shame that the arch dialogue collapsed, the jokes fizzled and the villain conferred with a table full of giant teddy bears. Redeeming feature It s so surreal looking it s almost a work of art. Just not cinema art. What the critics said The Avengers is a gargantuan misfire, but it probably isn t the hilarious travesty that a lot of people are expecting it to be. A great, big, boring multi-million dollar piece of useless eye-candy. - Paul Tatara,

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Who s responsible? Director Michael Cimino. Why it s on the list The story goes that director Michael Cimino asked why no one was drinking champagne at his film s premiere, and was told, Because they hate the movie, Michael. There are five uninterrupted minutes of fiddle playing - on roller skates - and Jeff Bridges throwing up, also on roller skates. But it s a Western - go figure. Redeeming feature The 769-minute cut is said to be considerably better than the original 699-minute version. What the critics said Heaven s Gate is something quite rare in movies these days -- an unqualified disaster. - Vincent Canby, New York Times

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Who s responsible? Eddie Murphy and director Brian Robbins. Why it s on the list A film so fantastically misogynistic and misanthropic that you ll have to watch Raw a number of times to even begin to forgive Eddie Murphy, this sees him in nerdy mode as the put-upon husband of a monstrously abusive wife (also Murphy). Offensive to anyone with any taste. Redeeming feature Believe it or not, this was Oscar nominated - albeit only for its make-up. And Thandie Newton looks beautiful in it. What the critics said Norbit is racially insensitive, politically incorrect and beyond crude (and what Newton was thinking is hard to fathom) - Luke Sader, The Hollywood Reporter

Years after a plague kills most of humanity and transforms the rest into monsters, the sole survivor in New York City struggles valiantly to find a cure.

Who s responsible? Screenwriter/director Willard Huyck, writing partner Gloria Katz, fellow USC alumnus George Lucas, whose idea it was to adapt the Marvel comic, whose idea it was, and ducks everywhere just for giving them that idea. Why it s on the list Ignore anyone who tells you it had a certain kitschy charm: it doesn t, it has a tiny man in a duck suit wandering around Cleveland smoking cigarettes. Proof, alongside Blade Trilogy and Spider-Man 8, that Marvel adaptations need to be handled with care. Redeeming feature There s only one duck-based sex scene. What the critics said Daffy Duck will be pleased to hear he didn t miss any career opportunities when he wasn t chosen to star in Howard the Duck - Variety

We asked, and you voted in your thousands. And now, for your delectation, we have the results of the worst movies ever made poll. From the disappointing to the bad to the downright offensive, here is a pile of sick filth that should be banned if the BBFC ever start assessing narrative coherence and filmmaking skill. Ladies and gentlemen, your worst movies ever.

Who s responsible? Director Lawrence Kasdan, novelist Stephen King, screenwriter William Goldman. Why it s on the list This is one of those films with a truly impressive collection of talent behind and in front of the camera - which makes the extent of its badness all the more depressing. Perhaps the original novel - not King s best, with its shit weasels and red mould - just wasn t suited for cinema. Redeeming feature Jason Lee s pretty good. But then he s only in it for about 65 minutes. What the critics said It s when the weasel aliens exit from various orifices that the film disintegrates into a sizeable heap of poo. - Derek Malcolm, The Guardian

Who s responsible? Director Pitof, star Halle Berry. Why it s on the list It was clear that something was wrong the moment the shredded and strapped costume was unveiled, but the full extent of the disaster didn t become clear until we saw the equally shredded editing and the weird face-cream MacGuffin that gave the plot its Big Bad. Bizarre - and not in a good way. Redeeming feature Berry in a catsuit, tangling with Sharon Stone. Girl fight! What the critics said Not to be catty about it, but the stench of the litter pan is all over this big-screen $95 million disaster. - Pete Travers, Rolling Stone

Who s responsible? Director/screenwriters Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer. Why it s on the list Disaster movie by name - well, you know the rest. Friedberg and Seltzer, the talentless hacks behind a string of godawful spoofs, turn their sights on a genre, but with their usual scattershot aim end up hitting innocent bystanders in their quest to fill 95 minutes without using a single original line of dialogue or funny gag. Woeful. Freidberg and Seltzer persist in their notion that replaying entire scenes from better films, word for word, can be funny. Redeeming feature Er, some people liked the Juno spoof. What the critics said A disaster first, and a movie barely - William Goss, Cinematical