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The group who were made up of 9 brothers got asked their name by the orginizers of a talent contest they were performing at nameless at this time, their mother responded with my boys and then quickly changed her answer to The Boys.

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If the new level added by romance would interfere with the story at all, I 8767 d recommend keeping them as they are. I don 8767 t know very much about your story, so I couldn 8767 t say whether this is likely or not.

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This fostered Adam’s unwavering faith towards life. The biggest contribution one day was during his ninth birthday, when she bequeathed a sketchbook. Adam was overjoyed and treasures it.

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He thrust the freaky little man out at me, and I immediately turned on my heel, running up the stairs to the second level. I leaned on the railing, trying not to look at the gnome 8767 s evil little grin and pointy hat of doom.

He does get involved in the fights, but that 8767 s more Atalya and Isaac 8767 s area. They 8767 ll always be more concerned with each other than the other heroes and perform coordinated attacks together.

Annoys fellow FIGHTers by making baby voices to Spellbind, her border collie.
Gets very angry if someone hurts an animal for no good reason, which can cause her to lose control and set Spellbind on them.
Rarely leaves time for herself and gets wrapped up in other people 8767 s problems. As a result, she gets stressed and then gets snappy at anyone who comes near.

Now, keep in mind that while these seven emotions can and will be a problem in excess, esp. among political and religious leaders, most of them (except Gluttony) are harmless, even helpful, in moderation. Here 8767 s my understanding of the Seven Deadly Sins:

Anyway, I think that might work, but you 8767 d have to be careful. If you constantly play up their romance (especially if it features any lovey-dovey scenes), it 8767 s probably going to become annoying. At least to male readers. And me, but I understand that I 8767 m not a typical female when it comes to romance in literature.

I really did consider making this a solo story. Dammit, now I 8767 m reconsidering. I wouldn 8767 t have to change to much and it wouldn 8767 t be that hard. Idea! Instead of having Adrian be on teams with the others he will team up with them. Meaning they will probably only show up once or twice. I think this could make slightly more sense if each person with a different power has a different mentor alien with that power. That way I could have them show up, contrast with Showtime, work together, and go away so that I don 8767 t have to over-develop them. It 8767 s almost too perfect. I have the partners without the commitment.

8775 So do they sound workable? 8776 I don 8767 t know I don 8767 t have many details to work with. Seeing two random guys trying to kidnap his mother doesn 8767 t seem to connect as well with the past/backstory as it could. Is there some reason she 8767 s this magnet for danger?

PS: Would it sound believable that a 66 year old is using terms like 8775 rectifying 8776 his 8775 mistake 8776 ? Might be more natural to phrase it in more everyday terms, like 8775 I can 8767 t let that happen again. 8776