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Can be annoying when she talks about trivial things as being 8775 cool 8776 like: 8775 I can walk up stairs! How cool is that? 8776 It is excusable to a degree. She would have died if her father hadn 8767 t paid a scientist to bring them a vial of the super formula (GuardiF, short for Guardian Factor) in the second book.

Funding Currencies. Money Management

Vanessa (Female), early twenties, Naveed’s ex-flame
Sensitive – Needy – Insecure – Analytical/Intelligent – Nervous – Reliable


I 8767 ve never seen TMNT and I haven 8767 t seen an X-Men movie in ages, so I wasn 8767 t able to pick up on any similarities between Tristram and Leonardo or Cyclops. If you 8767 ve ever seen the show Torchwood, I guess Tristram could be compared to Toshiko. She 8767 s the team 8767 s hacker, and Tristram has that job along with making helpful and sometimes useless little gadgets. I wrote this scene to show Tristram 8767 s skills and illustrate Isaac 8767 s fear of gnomes.

Collected Bible Notes

Single-minded (Moneeey!!)
Comical (Although, his jokes are usually at others expense. He 8767 s my Deadpan Snarker)

I like the temperature parameter. I sort of similar to Adrian 8767 s powers of thermokinesis on water. He can make it boil, but not steam and he can make it cold, but not freeze it. He can pull moisture from the air, but that 8767 s an advanced technique for Lemorions (Jimelly 8767 s race).

Greed – Too much greed is the primary problem behind capitalism in America: too many powerful people who are too greedy. However, no greed is equally bad, for it is greed that drives man to seek out ways to better himself, and drives humanity forward in the process by invention and discovery. Did Thomas Edison invent the light bulb without plans to market it for money? I think not.

eg:- The hero comes from school to his home and finds two men trying to kidnap his first he panics and shows fear,but thinks of the 8775 incident 8776 and as he couldnt protect his mom in the past(from his dad),feels the need to 8766 rectify 8767 the 8766 mistake 8767 .

As to why she 8767 s so self-assured it is again her backstory. Being ridiculed by her own family members for having no power caused Jenny to want to prove her self. That said, upon receiving power, she 8767 d wanted to follow through on her belief.

Aaron was healed at a nearby hospital, while his father was charged with attempted murder, assault, and child abuse and sentenced to forty years in jail. (I hope that is accurate for the laws in Alaska) Allen adopted Aaron about a month later. Aaron did not warm up to Allen very quickly. To him, he saw any adult male figure as a possible threat to his survival. Allen was very patient with Aaron during this time and very slowly started to gain his trust. Allen homeschooled them and they made huge leaps and bounds.

Loves animals and can read their emotions, as well as get them to fight alongside her.
Has a lot of compassion for any person or animal she meets, often doing little things for people 8775 just because 8776 .
Isn 8767 t afraid to tell someone off if they do any harm to an animal.