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I 8767 m not overly familar with your series, so if you think you can handle four characters on the team + other allies and villains, then go for it. At the moment I don 8767 t think Carissa adds much, though. She seems like a ditzy version of Garret. If you wanted to keep her, I might suggest making her a more nerdy and conventional type. Maybe also nice, but socially awkward. I could see Garrett being the victim of Jose 8767 s Deadpan Snarker comments, so Carissa might work to defend him. Also, if the team is a complete mix of personalities, a character like this might help to keep them together.

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Vanessa (Female), early twenties, Naveed’s ex-flame
Sensitive – Needy – Insecure – Analytical/Intelligent – Nervous – Reliable

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The second option I could do is actually make him a pacifist. Given that Sister Natalie 8767 s teachings of doing good, maybe that included not trying to harm one another. This could be taken to an extreme, where as you highlighted in your posted link, where he tires to negotiate with his enemies, even when fighting is the only option.

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. Sloth the Resourceful is based off of a character who I think is from a Robert Heinlein novel who is the laziest man on earth because he constantly comes up with new and inventive ways to make doing things as easy and efficient as possible.
. I 8767 m sorry this post is so LONG! I won 8767 t blame anyone for not reading any or part of it or not responding. If you 8767 ve read this far, thank you and please help, if you can cranially and ethically.

eg:- The hero comes from school to his home and finds two men trying to kidnap his first he panics and shows fear,but thinks of the 8775 incident 8776 and as he couldnt protect his mom in the past(from his dad),feels the need to 8766 rectify 8767 the 8766 mistake 8767 .

It is this last piece that transitions to her adventurous behavior. Jenny hates to sit around. With how large the world is, she 8767 s not afraid of it instead relishes the unpredictability and jumps into it. Also, her bold presence might also be a byproduct of her background.

Wrath – Being too wrathful can get you fired, even arrested, if you act on it. However, some wrath can save your life in combat if you 8767 re untrained and in danger.

Eventually, the abuse became so bad that he made a plan to run away (Aaron is eight by this point). One late night in the winter, Aaron fled from the apartment that he had lived in since he was a child. By some bad chance of luck, their father found him and proceeded to beat Aaron. He actually threw him against an ally wall, which badly broke his sternum and a few of his rib in the process. Had one bystander by the name of Allen Smith hadn’t heard the screams of the child, Theodore could have easily had killed him. Allen punched and kicked Theodore to knock him out before calling the 966.

8775 the most important thing about a protagonist is that he or she be likable and relatable. 8776 I agree with you that some degree of likability is crucial for most protagonists, but I think relatability is optional. There are many successful characters for whom relatability is at best an afterthought (. Batman, most royal characters, Tony Stark and Ender Wiggin and most other super-geniuses, most military action protagonists, James Bond, Sherlock Holmes and most detective protagonists, etc).

The basis of her self-assurance could also go back to her abilities. After finally attaining power, Jenny reveled in them, believing she could now prove herself. Whether it be facing down a large ravenous monster, or a harsh person, she 8767 ll always stand strong.