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I found out that he is a 78 year old athlete. He lives in a different city and we have been in contact almost daily since he left. He is coming to visit me for the weekend in a couple of weeks.

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I 8767 m 98 years old and I have a 75 year old Man that 8767 s been giving me attention without sex. I 8767 m curious to know and understand 8766 why 8767 ? So, until then I 8767 m going to continue reading your stories maybe I 8767 ll learn something along the way.

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This article was interesting, but I really more enjoyed reading the comments. My girlfriend of one year is 87 and im 75. She has two kids and been married twice. I am finishing up college. We ve lived together for six months now and just got a house. We have certainly had our ups and downs, but we have worked them out on the way and its made us stronger. The first couple weeks we kept saying we cant let this get serious well now i just can t wait to get settled in my career and and hope one day to pop the question. We have hit just about every bump you could think of on the way including a few breaks but things are now better then ever and they have brought us closer together. We are very much in love with each other, and are excited to start our lives together.

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Reefer Madness began its cinematic life as a 6986 cautionary film entitled Tell Your Chil dren. It was financed by a small church group, and was intended to scare the living bejeezus out of every parent who viewed it. Soon after the film was shot, however, it was purchased by the notorious exploitation film maestro Dwain Esper (Narcotic, Marihuana, Maniac), who took the liberty of cutting in salacious insert shots and slapping on the sexier title of Reefer Madness, before distributing it on the exploitation circuit.

Today, the film is a cult phenomenon dwarfed only by The Rocky Horror Picture Show , and ''Reefer Madness'' is a bona fide catch phrase."

I never planned to be in love, at my age, with someone but it happened. 8775 We 8776 are in love, and that is all there is to tell. He has decided that he wants what we have together. He has been free to sojourn out in pursuit of happiness, and it is here he wants to be. People no longer influence him like before as he has, in earnest, found he has no reason not to be with me. Through it all, it has made our thing,the best thing either of us has ever wanted.

I ve always dated older guys (my last boy friend was 88) but this guy im seeing right now has been giving me sooo much, unlike any guy i have been with. He s amazingly supportive, crazy fun, very mature, adorable, sweet, generous, kind, loving, crazy in bed and is madly in love with me. He is everything i ve ever asked for.

Good news is that very much by accident, I am now seeing someone 76 years my junior I look 87, he looks 78 feels GREAT for both of us. It was good for me to see that it was never an age issue, but a maturity issue on his end (the ex). He is just a friend now, and could not be more bothered about my current situation.

I m a 57 yr old woman and my partner is 87. We ve been together a year now. We are both previously married and divorced he for 5 years and I for 79. I have two grown children and he has never had any and doesn t want any.

This is the same sense that the Apostle Paul uses in 6 Corinthians 7:7-9, “For I would that all men were even as I myself. But every man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and another after that. I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, it is good for them if they abide even as I. But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn.” Paul is telling the members of the church at Corinth that he wishes that all men were as he was at that time (single), but he acknowledges that each man is different, and not all are able to be celibate. He affirms that if people are “unmarried or widows,” it is better that the remain single, but if they can 8767 t, it is better to be married than to burn with passion or lust.

i have to make a decision and i dont want to be hurt but i also dont want to make someone go away that really could mean something wonderful and joyous to my life

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